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These handy checklists will help you stay on track from the moment you accept our offer to the end of your first semester at UTSA.

Prior to Arrival pdf

❏ Register for New Faculty Orientation.


❏ Touch base with your department chair to discuss your arrival date, office location, equipment and supply needs, class schedule, and any required department or college orientations.


❏ Get to know your department administrative staff.


❏ Explore the UTSA campus maps to familiarize yourself with the community and parking.


❏ Familiarize yourself with San Antonio if you are new to the area.


❏ Familiarize yourself with the UTSA Faculty Center and its many resources.


❏ Work with your department to order your textbooks from Follett.


❏ Familiarize yourself with the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP).


❏ Parking permits are generally purchased at Day O.N.E. orientation. If you need a permit before Aug. 13, contact your department.


❏ If you require UTSA email/network access more than 15 days prior to your contract start date, please make arrangements with your department.


❏ Send your list of required equipment/supplies to your department administrative staff. Follow up to ensure the order has been placed.


❏ Make sure that you have received communications from Human Resources about Day O.N.E. orientation.

Upon Arrival pdf

❏ Attend Day O.N.E. (new employee orientation) hosted by UTSA Human Resources, Aug. 13, 2018. On this day, you will be provided with information about your employment and benefits, receive your UTSA ID Card, Parking Permit, and MyUTSA ID account setup.


❏ Attend the Provost's New Faculty Orientation, Aug. 14-15, 2018. This orientation is required for all new tenure/tenure-track faculty.


❏ Attend your college and/or department orientation, Aug. 16-17, 2018. Check with your department for details.


❏ Attend the President’s Tour and Dinner, Saturday, Aug. 18, 2018.


❏ Make sure your university email is working. Contact OIT Connect at 458-5555 if you have any trouble.


❏ Make sure your office telephone is working. Set up your voice messaging system. Contact OIT Connect at 458-5555 if you have any trouble.


❏ Check on the status of your book orders at the campus bookstore. If they have not arrived, find out expected date/time so that you can share this information with students on the first day of class.


❏ Meet with your department chair; inquire about the department’s mentoring program.


❏ Meet your department’s administrative staff.


❏ Complete the required compliance training. Check your UTSA email for instructions and the deadline.


Before First Day of Class pdf

❏ Prepare your syllabus for each class. Find syllabus resources on the Teaching & Learning Services website. If you need assistance or have questions, contact your subject specialist librarian.


❏ Upload each class syllabus to Bluebook (UT System requirement).


❏ Upload each class syllabus to Blackboard so that is available to students by the first day of class.


❏ Connect with your subject specialist librarian to discuss your own information or library research needs and to learn about library support for your teaching.


❏ Obtain your class roster(s) via ASAP:
- Go to
- Click on “myUTSA,” then click on “ASAP”
- Log in to ASAP with your abc123
- Click on “Faculty Services” and scroll down to “Summary Class List.” You can also retrieve a Class Photo List for each class within the Faculty Services page.


❏ Visit your classrooms to check the layout and technology. Make sure you’re familiar with the teaching technology available in each classroom. Contact Learning Technologies (458-5555 or if you need assistance. Log on to the classroom computers before class since the first time takes longer than usual.


Before the End of Your First Semester

❏ Respond to the 2018 New Faculty Orientation Survey to provide feedback about your orientation experience.


❏ Discuss your workload with your department chair.


❏ Meet with your mentor(s).


❏ Attend the faculty development workshops that are part of the New Faculty Institute and any others you find interesting via the Faculty Center.


❏ Check your UTSA Faculty Workload Detail report for accuracy.


❏ Keep up with entering your professional accomplishments and activities in Digital Measures.