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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Faculty Workload in Digital Measures

Checking/Updating Class Schedules (Staff)

All corrections to courses being taught in the designated semester need to be made in Banner by census date.  All instructors should be assigned to the courses they are teaching with the correct percentage of responsibility. No course should have more than 100% responsibility assigned to it. If there are two or more instructors assigned to the course, their percentages of responsibility should total 100%. Make sure to update any courses that had department chairs assigned as place holders until the necessary faculty were appointed. Otherwise, the department chair or other faculty member assigned will get credit for the course in workload. If course/faculty information is not updated and complete by census date, the faculty member’s workload report will be inaccurate and may result in the faculty member being short on workload credits. In that case, staff will have to include a ‘Justification for Underload’ on the faculty member’s Workload Information screen, explaining that the information was not updated in Banner prior to census date.

All cross-listed and stacked courses should be checked in Banner to insure that they are coded correctly in the class schedule.  Digital Measures uses the cross-listing codes to calculate cross-listed courses and the linking codes to calculate linked (or stacked) courses.  Cross-listed and linked courses should also be checked in Digital Measures to insure that they are calculating correctly.