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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Faculty Workload Distribution Agreements

Introducing a new screen in Digital Measures

We’ve added a new screen to Digital Measures: Faculty Workload Distribution Agreement. Effective immediately, department/college administrative staff should use this screen to upload signed copies of workload distribution agreements for their faculty. Faculty can then view, download, and/or print the uploaded documents. Faculty Workload Distribution Agreement definitions and processes are outlined in the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures, Section 2.11: Annual Faculty Performance Appraisal for Merit Consideration.

For Department/College Administrative Staff: 

First, scan a copy of the faculty member’s signed workload distribution agreement and save to your computer or appropriate drive. To upload the document to a faculty member’s Digital Measures profile, begin by clicking ‘Manage Data’ on the left side of your screen and selecting the appropriate faculty member. Once you are managing data for that faculty member, click on Faculty Workload Distribution Agreement. The summary screen will open. Click on [+Add New Item].

This will open a new record for your completion:

Enter the effective year of the agreement in ‘Calendar Year’ and click [Choose File] to browse your files. Select the previously-scanned file and upload it to Digital Measures. Once you have uploaded the file, click [Save] in the top right portion of the screen. You will be returned to the summary screen where the new record will be displayed.

For Faculty: 

You can access the uploaded workload distribution agreement by clicking on Faculty Workload Distribution Agreement.  This will open the summary screen and display the uploaded record(s). Click on the appropriate year to view, download, and/or print the agreement. If there is not a record listed, please contact your department/college administrative staff.

Faculty Workload Distribution Agreements are normally completed in fall for the upcoming calendar year (January 1 – December 31) and should be uploaded to Digital Measures no later than January 1 of the calendar year of the agreement.