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Information Resources

Unless otherwise noted the following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). This format is readable using the Adobe Acrobat reader.


Faculty Resignation/Retirement Process, Dec. 20, 2011

Faculty Mentoring Resource Manual

Handbook of Operating Procedures

New Faculty Orientation

Summer Faculty Processing

Faculty Grievance

Faculty Grievance Committee, Oct. 26, 2012

Faculty Recruitment

Faculty Recruitment Manual 2016-17 (Revised 9/1/16)

Faculty Recruitment Forms

Resources for Recruiting Diverse Faculty

Summer Faculty Contract Processing

Summer Appointments and Contracts (PPT)
Checklist for Summer Salary Contracts
Summer Faculty Contract – Optional Tool to Determine Contract Dates
Summer Assignment Master Spreadsheet
Summer Assignment Master Spreadsheet – Training Examples
Summer Assignment Master Spreadsheet – Working Example Fully Completed

Resources for Staff

Academic Administrative Calendar 2015-2016

Banner User Manual 2013-2014, July 9, 2013

Process Maps for the Office of the Vice Provost for UTSA Downtown and Academic and Faculty Support, April 2013