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Executives and Staff

Institutional Effectiveness

Can Saygin Dr. Can Saygin
Interim Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives
MB 4.122, 210-458-4101

Continuous Improvement and Accreditation

Maricela Oliva Dr. Kasey Neece-Fielder
Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Planning and Assessment; SACSCOC Liaison
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4819

Maricela OlivaLorrie Smith
Director of Accreditation and Process Improvement
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-5188

Maricela Oliva Dr. Elizabeth Hoff
Director of University Assessment
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4704

Maricela Oliva Tia Palsole
Project Coordinator - Accreditation
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-8038

Maricela Oliva Lisa Johnston
Senior Administrative Associate
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4965

Evaluations and Surveys

Maricela Oliva Doug Atkinson
Director of Evaluations and Surveys
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4709

Maricela Oliva Leanne Charlton
Project Coordinator
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-8010

Institutional Research

Maricela Oliva Dr. Steve Wilkerson
Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4939

Maricela Oliva Linda Starnes
Senior Administrative Associate
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-5242

Maricela Oliva Salma Ferdous
Director of Analysis and Certification
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4794

Maricela Oliva Brian Cordeau
Director of Reporting
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4705

Maricela OlivaDr. Jinny Case
Senior Institutional Research Analyst
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-8180

Maricela Oliva Dr. Mahmoud Abunawas
Institutional Research Analyst II
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4792

Maricela Oliva Fikrewold Bitew
Institutional Research Analyst II
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-8204

Maricela Oliva Ashwin Jayagopal
Institutional Research Analyst I
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-8797

Maricela Oliva Vacant
Institutional Research Analyst I

Maricela Oliva Lauren Apgar
Institutional Research Analyst I
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4552

Maricela OlivaArt Pagano
Systems Analyst III
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-5814

Maricela Oliva Vacant
Systems Analyst III



Maricela Oliva Hoa Pham
Undergraduate Research Assistant
GSR 2.204, (210) 458-4706


Maricela Oliva Michael Diep
Web Specialist Intern
GSR 2.204