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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Steps in the Core Curriculum Assessment Process *

  1. Review Core Course Assessment Plan. All Assessment Plans are available online at 

    Login using your abc123. Click on “Archived Records” (upper right corner). Click on  “Course” column to alphabetize by course prefix.

    Click on the course title. Scroll down to the bottom of the proposal.

    To download the Assessment Plan, click on the Core Course Assessment Plan (pdf). (Note that this will most likely be the previous version of the form.)

  2. Review the Assessment Plan and make any necessary updates or revisions on the Assessment Report form.
  3. Consult Resources regarding how to address and assess state-required objectives in your core course(s).
  4. Communicate with core course instructors to discuss state-mandated requirements, objectives & implications for necessary adjustments to curriculum or activities. [If instructors are unknown, develop a plan to ensure faculty are informed prior to the beginning of the course.]
  5. In consultation with core course faculty, determine
    1. Which sections will be assessed and
    2. The specific embedded exam questions and/or rubric criteria to be used across all sections. Note that faculty do not have to use the exact same exam questions, however, you should be assessing the same general concepts and SLOs in your exams.
  6. Consult Assessment Calendar and communicate due dates to faculty.
  7. Determine an efficient means for faculty to submit assessment data to the Core Course Coordinator.
  8. Integrate data across all sections of the course to complete the appropriate Assessment Report template. Submit it to the appropriate staff member for TracDat entry. (See below for list of TracDat staff.)
  9. Each Fall semester, close the assessment loop by reviewing two years of assessment data with faculty. In consultation with faculty, complete the Use of Results for Improvement Report and submit it to your TracDat staff member.
  10. Begin the assessment process again.

* Throughout the process, consult your Core Curriculum Assessment Committee member
or Dr. Nancy Martin ( as questions arise.


TracDat Staff




Meghan Villarreal


Tammy McDaniel


Monica Bowden


Francesca Bronder


Shannon Janssen


Forrest Wilson
CRJ: Cammie Diaz
PAD: Diane Gutierrez


Timothy (Kai) Kamaka

University College

Kristi Johnson