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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Timeline for Core Course Proposal Approval Process

Steps in Process


Proposal Portal Opens *

Sept 1

Proposal Portal Closes *

Oct 1 midnight

Core Curriculum Committee reviews proposals. Forwards recommendations to University Curriculum Committee


University Curriculum Committee reviews proposals.


University Curriculum Committee makes recommendations to Faculty Senate.

Spring Semester

Faculty Senate makes recommendations to Provost and President.

Spring Semester

Approved courses submitted to the THECB for final approval.

Spring Semester

Final Approval

Approximately 75 days following submission to THECB.

Approval Routing Process

* Proposal will be routed for approval as follows:

  1. Proposal creator submits proposal.
  2. Department Chair reviews and approves proposal or returns for revision.
  3. Associate Dean reviews and approves proposal or returns for revision.

Note: All internal college approvals must be completed prior to midnight, October 1.
Late submissions will not be reviewed.