Modify Course Section Fee Form


This form is for modifying the fees on given sections. This form is only for fees on select sections in Kinesiology and the Executive MBA program.

When filling this form in please make sure all areas are filled in. Select your College from drop down list in Section 1. In section 2 enter CRN, Discipline code, Course number, and Section. Select whether you are requesting to remove/change a fee. Then in the description area provide fee code, amount and describe the simple action to be performed.

Description Example: "Replace PAH1 to PARC fee. Section is rock climbing."

Note: All fields must be filled in.

Enter your first and last name as the person who prepared the form. Click on the "Submit" button and the page will be sent via e-mail to you and to Ann Roberts for processing. The "Reset" button clears this form.

Please use Internet Explorer for the form to function properly.

Thank you

1. Select College


2. List Sections and Fee Modification

Remove Change

3. Approval

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Date: 10/15/2018

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