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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Third-Year Review Guidelines

This set of guidelines provides information for faculty undergoing a Third-Year Review (TYR) as prescribed by the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP), chapter 2.24 “Third-Year Review.” These guidelines also provide information for those faculty serving on Department Faculty Review Advisory Committees (DFRAC), department chairs, and deans involved in the review process. These guidelines are reviewed annually and updated by the provost’s office.

The TYR process is a pre-tenure comprehensive review process employed by the university (i) “to assess overall performance and provide the basis for a fair evaluation which may be used in the decision regarding reappointment;” and (ii) “to afford faculty an opportunity to practice preparing their files for review, document their achievements, and understand how they will be judged for tenure and promotion at UTSA” (HOP 2.24).

It is critical for all who are involved in the review process to read all applicable materials, deliberate the strengths and weaknesses of each faculty member's performance in good faith with objectivity, and to observe confidentiality concerning the views of others, as revealed during review discussions. A respectful, thorough and objective review of faculty accomplishments depends upon the conscientious efforts of all participants in the review process. All written materials generated through the review process are available for the inspection of faculty candidates. Questions concerning the university's procedures for third-year review may be directed to the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

These guidelines are divided into several sections with the following contents:
Overview of Process— a brief description of the timeline for review and the responsibilities of each party at each stage of the process.
Preparation of the Review Packet— a listing of essential and optional elements to include in the review packet prepared by tenure-track faculty.
Review Process— an outline of the responsibilities of the Third-Year Review DFRAC (or TYR-DFRAC), department chair, and dean in carrying out the review.
Cover Sheet and Checklist— a summary of required and optional materials to be submitted for the purposes of third-year review.

Schedule for Third-Year Review
Each tenure-track faculty member will undergo a third-year review in the spring of the third full academic year of service. The review will consider all activities and achievements that are eligible for consideration in a promotion and tenure review. This includes activities undertaken by tenure-track faculty members in a comparable position at another institution.  If the tenure-track faculty member began service at UTSA in a non-tenure-track position, the review should be held in the third year of full service since appointment to the tenure track, and should include only those activities and accomplishments since entering the tenure track.

This information also is available in PDF format.