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Executives and Staff

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
MB 4.120, 210-458-4110


Administration & Operations

Dr. Jesse Zapata
Senior Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support
FS 4.450, 210-458-2700

Dr. Maricela Oliva
Associate Vice Provost for Academic and Faculty Support
FS 4.450, (210) 458-2700

Dr. Shannon Heuberger
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives
MB 4.120, 210-458-4181

Debbie Howard-Rappaport
Executive Assistant
MB 4.120, 210-458-4969

Andrea Trease
Assistant to Provost
MB 4.120, (210) 458-4818

Jenny De Los Santos
Associate Director of Academic Support and Analysis
MB 4.120, (210) 458-2898

Kevin McCollom
Administrative Analyst
MB 4.120, (210) 458-3106

Sarah Soulek
Administrative Analyst
MB 4.120, 210-458-6137

Jacques Watkins
Senior Program Coordinator
MB 4.120

Melissa G. Ozuna
Senior Administrative Associate
FS 4.450, (210) 458-2711

Eileen Egan
Administrative Associate I
MB 4.120, (210) 458-4110








Kelly Garza
Assistant Director of Academic Budgets & Planning
MB 4.120, 210-458-5202

Teresa Sandoval
Administrative Associate II
MB 4.120, 210-458-7685



Rebecca Luther
Director of Communications
MB 4.120, 210-458-6244

K.C. Gonzalez
Associate Director of Communications
MB 4.120, 210-458-2712

Elda Barajas
Marketing Coordinator
MB 4.120, 210-458-6409

Rochelle Arruda
Office Assistant
MB 4.120, (210) 458-6296

Graduate Studies

Dr. Can Saygin
Interim Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

UTSA Graduate School

Information Technology

Bryan Wilson
Interim Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer
BOS 2.418, 210-458-5919

Office of Information Technology

Institute for Texan Cultures

Angelica Docog
Executive Director

Institute for Texan Cultures

Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Can Saygin
Interim Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives

Office of Institutional Effectiveness

International Initiatives

Dr. Lisa Montoya
Interim Vice Provost for International Initiatives and Senior International Officer

International Gateway

Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Rhonda M. Gonzales
Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives

University College

Dr. Heather Shipley
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of University College
PNB 2.210A, 210-458-5191

University College