Faculty Resources in Digital Measures

It’s best to update your information in DM throughout the year.  When you write a paper for publication, take a moment to create a record for that paper. If you submit a grant proposal, create a DM record. Committee service, academic advising, faculty development activities – enter them in DM as they happen so that your information is always up-to-date.

Once you enter information related to your academic career in DM, that information becomes accessible for a variety of purposes: your Bluebook vita, your annual report, a customized vita for tenure and other reviews, and any Ad Hoc Reports your department or college may wish to generate in Digital Measures.

Tools and help are available to you as you navigate DM.

  • Click on any of the links in the menu bar to the left to view pertinent information and documents.
  • Click on What’s New in DM on the menu bar for news of upgrades and enhancements in DM. These features often make using DM easier or more intuitive (i.e., the ability to import citations and the search function).
  • You may contact the UTSA DM administrator for assistance:
    Digital Measures | DigitalMeasures@utsa.edu | 210-458-6137

  • If you experience difficulty logging in to Digital Measures or need assistance with DM, please contact the UTSA DM administrator:

    Digital Measures | DigitalMeasures@utsa.edu | 210-458-6137

  • If you have myUTSA ID log-in issues or network issues, please contact OIT Connect at 458-5555 or  oitconnect@utsa.edu