What's New in DM


Workflow is a process management tool that digitizes faculty processes and streamlines reviews, such as annual reviews, promotion and tenure, and workload. It eliminates manual tasks, reduces inefficiency and errors, and improves the ability to track progress. Best of all, it uses the data and customization that currently exists in Digital Measures. UTSA will begin using Workflow this year when it launches the annual review process.

  • This tool allows administrators to make sure all of the necessary materials are included for review and all of the necessary people on campus are involved. Deadlines and reminders can be automatically set to ensure that all the appropriate steps are taken for review.
  • Workflow pulls data and custom reports directly from Digital Measures, which reduces the amount of time faculty need to spend preparing review materials.
  • It eliminates manual tasks, deadlines and binders full of supporting materials.
  • Once faculty submit their materials for review, both they and administrators will be able to monitor the status of the review process, so there's ample transparency throughout.
  • Review materials will only be available to authorized users, materials can't be altered in any way, and everything will remain available for future use.

Customizable CVs in Digital Measures

DM has introduced a brand new feature which allows you to create and save a customizable CV (or multiple CV formats) in Digital Measures! This allows you the flexibility to order your CV however you desire, delete unwanted sections, and determine what information is included in your CV. Please follow the link below to read more from Digital Measures on customizing your CV and to view a short video about this exciting new feature.

Note: Please keep a couple of things in mind when viewing the video or reading the instructions. DM refers to their platform as ‘Activity Insight.’ When they refer to Activity Insight, they are talking about what we call Digital Measures. Also, some of the screen names in the instructions and video will not match our screen names. For instance, their demo has a screen called Publications. At UTSA our screen for publications is called Intellectual Contributions. Please keep this in mind when viewing the video or reading the instructions; don’t be confused by screen names that you aren’t familiar with. The basic concepts of customizing your CV will be the same.


  • If you experience difficulty logging in to Digital Measures or need assistance with DM, please contact the UTSA DM administrator:

    Digital Measures | DigitalMeasures@utsa.edu | 210-458-6137

  • If you have myUTSA ID log-in issues or network issues, please contact OIT Connect at 458-5555 or  oitconnect@utsa.edu