Faculty Role in Workload Reporting in Digital Measures

Faculty do not have to electronically sign off on workload reports but you are strongly encouraged to check your UTSA Faculty Workload Detail report each fall and spring semester for accuracy. Courses on your workload report are also the courses that will be on your annual report; if there is a discrepancy with your courses, it is important to catch it early so that the correct courses are reported on your workload and annual reports. Please contact your department or college administration if you discover any discrepancies with your workload report.

To generate your UTSA Faculty Workload Detail report:

    1. Log in to Digital Measures and click on Rapid Reports in the orange box on the left side of the page.
    2. A white dialog box will display. Click on the down arrow on the right side of the “Report” field to display a drop-down list of reports available to you. Select the “UTSA Faculty Workload Detail” report.
    3. Select the “Start Date” and “End Date.” (For fall term, use Sept 1 – Dec 31. For spring term, use Jan 1 – Apr 30. There is no workload reporting in summer.)


  1. Click on [Run Report]. Your workload report will open as a Word document that you may download, print and/or save, if desired.
  2. If you notice any discrepancies with your report, please advise your department administrative staff.

  • If you experience difficulty logging in to Digital Measures or need assistance with DM, please contact the UTSA DM administrator:

    Digital Measures | DigitalMeasures@utsa.edu | 210-458-6137

  • If you have myUTSA ID log-in issues or network issues, please contact OIT Connect at 458-5555 or  oitconnect@utsa.edu