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Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Welcome to the UTSA Digital Measures Website!

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Notice to Faculty Completing
a 2016 Annual Report

To complete your annual report for 2016,
you need to do the following:


Step 1

Update your academic achievements, accomplishments and activities for 2016, using the appropriate screens in Digital Measures. You will see the screens when you first log in to DM (Manage Activities page). For guidance on what data is entered on which screen, refer to the UTSA Official Vita User’s Manual (beginning on page 8).

Step 2

Create, complete, sign, and date an annual report summary for 2016, using the ‘Annual Report Summary’ screen (near the bottom of the Manage Activities page in Digital Measures). The UTSA Faculty Annual Report User’s Manual provides step-by-step directions for doing this. The information you enter on this summary populates portions of the ‘UTSA Faculty Annual Report’ and is needed for completion of your report.

Once you have entered your 2016 data in DM, and you have created, completed, signed and dated a 2016 annual report summary, your 2016 faculty annual report is complete. Official copies of the ‘UTSA Faculty Annual Report’ for all faculty will be archived on February 1, 2017.

Notice to Faculty:
When using the ‘Help’ function in Digital Measures, you are taken to a page where you enter “Your Question or Issue.” The question is then sent to the UTSA Digital Measures team as an email. In recent months, we have experienced difficulty with those ‘help’ emails being quarantined by MicroSoft Outlook. We do not receive notice of the quarantined emails for some time, often as long as 24-36 hours later. We have been working with OIT and Digital Measures to resolve this, but for the time being, please submit any DM questions or ‘help’ requests by email directly to in order to receive the most timely response. Thank you.



Digital Measures (DM) is the database used by UTSA for recording and organizing faculty academic and professional activities. Entering new data in DM is easy and once entered, the information is available for a variety of uses:

• Vita
• Third Year, Tenure and Promotion, CPE and Emeritus Reviews
• Annual Report
• Workload Reports
• Faculty Credentialing
• Other Custom and Ad Hoc Reports

Some information in DM is automatically uploaded for faculty:

• Demographic information
• Appointment information
• Classes taught each term
• Final grades (in aggregate)
• Student evaluations of teaching

Some information in DM is entered (or can be edited) by the department and/or college:

• Degrees obtained
• Additional credentials and documentation
• Dates regarding rank/tenure
• Workload credits and justifications for underload
• Annual chair/dean evaluations of faculty

Faculty enter their new accomplishments and activities. Just a few of the types of information faculty can record in DM are:

• Publications
• Artistic performances and exhibits
• Presentations
• Academic and professional service
• Faculty development
• Grants

Faculty also complete their annual report in DM.


DM was designed with faculty in mind and is user-friendly, but when help is needed:

Department/College DM Trainers

The DM administrator, Tia Palsole, is available for DM support during normal business hours
(Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) at or Ext. 8038.