Academic Affairs

Mission Statement

The Office of the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs is the administrative component of The University of Texas at San Antonio that is dedicated to providing quality academic programs and services and research opportunities for faculty and students. The office is committed to assuring academic quality in the planning, implementation, and management of academic progress and initiatives at UTSA. Guided by the university's comprehensive mission to serve the multicultural population of San Antonio and South Texas , the office strives to:

  • Encourage and nurture intellectual growth.
  • Provide an institutional environment that is conducive to research and creative activity; and to stimulate high levels of creative and scholarly inquiry integrated with the history of ideas and culture.


  • Identify and respond to the higher education needs of San Antonio and South Texas communities.
  • Provide advocacy for faculty and students in the administration of the University.
  • Optimize student levels of scholastic success and potential for life-long achievement.
  • Provide students with outstanding skills and knowledge required for professional careers and practical applications in the workforce.
  • Provide students with a balanced foundation of knowledge to enhance quality of life.
  • Provide a satisfying and informed comprehensive educational experience at UTSA.
  • Encourage and support faculty professional developments.
  • Take full advantage of internal UTSA resources, fostering interdisciplinary communication and collaborative initiates among faculty, students, staff, and community constituencies.
  • Take full advantage of resources external to UTSA, developing international academic relationships and cooperative initiatives with other educational Institutions.
  • Contribute to the educational and cultural well-being of the community.
  • Strategize to meet these goals and objective in a cost-effective, efficient, and ethical manner.