Melissa Vito

Vice Provost for Academic Innovation

Email: melissa.vito@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-4520

Teresa Petersen

Senior Administrative Manager

Email: teresa.petersen@utsa.edu

Suzana Diaz Rosencrans

Assistant Vice Provost for Online Programs

Email: suzana.rosencrans@utsa.edu

Josh Buetow

Senior Director of Fiscal Administration

Email: joshua.buetow@utsa.edu

Melissa Mahan

Associate Vice Provost of Academic Innovation for Professional and Continuing Education

Email: melissa.mahan@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-2422

Ernest Hernandez

Ernest Hernandez

Director of Video Technology

MS 3.01.03

Email: ernest.hernandez@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-5860

Marcela Ramirez

Associate Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation

Email: marcela.ramirez@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-6144

Joe Tobares

Joe Tobares

Director of Academic Technologies

BB 2.01.20L FS 2.516

Email: joe.tobares@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-5935

Jake Erney

Director of Strategic Initiatives in Academic Innovation

Email: jake.erney@utsa.edu