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Leveraging Generative AI at UTSA

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the way higher education institutions approach teaching and learning. AI is also playing an increasingly larger role across the workforce as jobs that require AI skills are expanding. AI is expected to have a profound impact on industries and society as a whole, offering new solutions to complex problems and enabling new forms of innovation.

The opportunities for AI to revolutionize our society and economy are vast and exciting. AI technologies can enhance and personalize learning experiences, facilitate data-driven decision-making, and automate repetitive tasks. Higher education institutions can provide students with hands-on experience and the skills necessary to succeed in the AI job market by incorporating AI into the curriculum.

UTSA, as a leading Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) with Carnegie R1 classification, is incorporating AI into the curriculum and leveraging it to close the gap in education and STEM careers for Hispanic students by preparing them for in-demand AI-careers. The implementation of AI in HSIs can also have a positive impact on their communities by driving economic growth and creating new job opportunities.

Join the conversation and explore AI resources designed to support faculty and students in their teaching and learning journey.

Exploring Generative AI for Student Growth

Using innovative pedagogical strategies can be a major shift in your teaching practice. Learn more about how to integrate Generative Artificial Intelligence into your curriculum to create learning opportunities for students to grow and apply their skills to real-world application.

This is the cover of the UTSA AI Guidelines document

Guidelines by and for UTSA Faculty

Guidelines for use of generative AI in teaching, learning and research were recently drafted for and by UTSA faculty. These guidelines are a starting point to discovery and innovation. This document will be updated based on faculty and student experience to accommodate changes in generative AI models/tools and how they are provided to the public. This approach emphasizes UTSA’s dedication to fostering innovation while respecting individual choices.

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Faculty Center Events

Find generative AI training sessions and more Academic Innovation events on the Faculty Center calendar.

Join the UTSA AI Peer Learning Network

The AI Peer Learning Network was founded by faculty and Academic Innovation staff in January 2023. The network convenes regularly to examine the latest generative AI developments and discuss teaching and learning needs and strategies.

View the UTSA Libguide on Generative AI

This up-to-date library collects the latest generative AI developments, tools and info in one place, providing important context and application to higher education settings.

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Generative AI Self-Paced Course

This self-paced course helps you become equipped with the knowledge to analyze and discuss the intersection of generative AI and higher education, enabling you to make informed decisions and contribute to the future development of educational practices.

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What Students Think

UTSA students explain how they’re leveraging generative AI and discuss how the tools could transform the future of teaching and learning.

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