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Microcredentials build skills and experience – fast!

Expand your skillset swiftly with UTSA's microcredentials. These streamlined educational experiences offer a quick path to acquiring new competencies recognized by a certificate or badge that carries weight in the job market and academia. Microcredentials are an ideal way to deepen your knowledge and refine your expertise alongside or beyond your degree.

Start Earning Microcredentials Today

Explore opportunities to earn microcredentials at UTSA using the links below. 

Adobe Creative Skills

Career Academy

Earn microcredentials in thriving industries with Coursera Career Academy.

UTSA creates opportunities for life-long learning

UTSA, in partnership with the UT System and Coursera, is proud to present the Career Academy program. UTSA students, faculty, staff and alumni can access courses and certificates  - at no cost. The expanded partnership represents the most extensive industry-recognized microcredential program from a U.S. university system.

These microcredentials are:

  • World-class: Access career training programs from industry leaders including Google, Meta, IBM and more.
  • Job-relevant: Meet employer demand with skills development training aligned to specific roles.
  • Entry-level: Build job confidence, hone critical skills and create a portfolio of work -- no prior experience required!

Explore Career Academy courses

Coursera Career Academy offers our UTSA community access to a robust catalog of courses available at any time.

Courses include:

  • Cybersecurity Professional
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Data Scientist
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Application Developer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Sales Operations Specialist

Explore the full course list >>

Enhancing Creative Skills with Adobe

As an Adobe Creative Campus, UTSA students have access to the Creative Skills Series. These courses are designed to empower your creativity and enhance your digital communication skills in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Courses Include: 

  • Digital Storytelling and Marketing 
  • AI and Content Creation 
  • Professional Communication and Design 

Explore the full course list >>

Build skills in the most in-demand industries

Use the Career Academy to earn industry certifications that develop skills that prepare you to excel in good digital jobs across

Cutting-edge skills

Learn cutting-edge skills to prepare for the most in-demand jobs --no prior experience required.

Professional certificates

Earn professional certificates from the world's leading companies including Google, Meta, IBM and more.

Guided projects

Access hands-on learning with guided projects to master skills and stand out to employers.

Career exploration

Explore the right career path while learning flexibly at your own pace across web and mobile. 

Faculty: Want to integrate a credential into your curriculum?

Academic Innovation is ready to help UTSA faculty who want to connect a Career Academy credential to their current curricula. Book a consultation to get started!


Students gain high-value skills through microcredentials

Students gain high-value skills through microcredentials

UTSA students are using microcredentials to enhance their degree, stand out in the competitive job market and excel in their professional and personal pursuits.

UTSA faculty use microcredentials to enhance curricula

UTSA faculty use microcredentials to enhance curricula

Learn how UTSA faculty have leveraged microcredentials in their courses to help students activate their knowledge.

UTSA Students

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