Media Conversion Services

Media digitization and transfer services are available to faculty and staff for UTSA-related purposes. In accordance with copyright and fair use laws, we accept the following types of media for digitization and transfers:

Cassette Tapes CDs VHS Tapes DVDs
MiniDV Tapes Hi8 DVCAM Computer Media Files

Media can be saved to a storage device or made available online. If you are interested in having your media saved to a storage device, you will need to provide a DVD-R, CD-R, or USB with your request. Online media is made available through the Medial Library, which can be used in your Blackboard Learn course.

Before you submit a media digitization request, contact the UTSA Libraries at to confirm if the requested or comparable content is already available for streaming or may be licensed.

Remember that even if you or UTSA own a DVD or other media, you do not automatically have the right to convert it to a streaming delivery format.

Copyrighted Material

All requests for digitization or conversion of copyrighted material must include written authorization before a request will be processed.

If you are requesting to convert:

  • Clips of content, or
  • Content which is self-authored and/or you own the copyright (for example, a recording of a lecture), or
  • Content for which you have an explicit permission from the copyright owner (please provide documentation),

Then you only need to complete and sign the Media Digitization Request Form below.  For these, you do not have to request permission from the copyright owner.

In all other cases, email the Media Digitization Request form below to to request the Library Statement for Digitizing Selected Media. Your subject librarian will conduct due diligence and will return the form to you via email within 10 days.

Submit Your Request

Currently, media digitization requests may take up to 10 business days to complete. Due to the nature of this service, all requests must be made in person at the Learning Technologies office during regular business hours. Follow these instructions to submit a request:

  1. Complete this Media Digitization Request Form and save a copy for your records.
  2. If additional copyright authorization is required, email the form to to obtain the Library Statement for Digitizing Selected Media.
  3. Print and sign the completed Media Digitization Request form.
  4. Deliver the following items to the Learning Technologies Office:
    • Media
    • Media Digitization Request form
    • Library Statement for Digitizing Selected Media (if applicable)
    • Copyright holder's permission (if applicable)
    • Storage devices (if applicable)

**There is a known issue opening pdf forms with Firefox. If using Firefox, the form fields will not function properly. It is recommended you open the link using Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Adobe Reader.**