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Reach more students with your fully online, self-supporting program

Faculty can create courses, certificates and degree programs for 100% online students

Faculty are an integral part of why UTSA’s fully online, self-supporting programs are quickly becoming a leader in the online education space. UTSA helps faculty create new, fully online, self-supporting programs by committing to high-quality curricula, faculty support and student engagement.

The Division of Academic Innovation's Office of Online Programs works closely with academic colleges, faculty and partners to develop 100% fully online certificates and degrees that match the workforce skills needed in the San Antonio region and growing industries across the United States.

Students looking for program information for fully online programs should visit the UTSA Online website.

Meet UTSA's online students

Students enrolled in UTSA's fully online, self-supporting programs are distinct from those who seek a degree through traditional, on-campus programs. Often, these students return to finish a degree while juggling other responsibilities, including work, home life and family. UTSA's Office of Online Programs has found that these students are most successful when taking eight-week, fully asynchronous classes.

35 yrs. old

Average student age


Employed full or part-time


Are married


Are first-generation students


Are students with children


Identify as Hispanic/Latino

UTSA's fully online programs advance the university’s founding mission to help expand the power of higher education to students who may not have access to a degree program that fits their needs and responsibilities.

Advancing Bold Careers

Shalita was worried she didn’t have the ability to pursue an advanced degree due to her busy life and career – until she found UTSA's online Master's Degree program in Facilities Management.

Building Bold Futures

Felicia found an education that allowed her to care for her family and pursue her professional aspirations with UTSA's Multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor's Degree online program.

UTSA is expanding online student success

UTSA has steadily expanded its fully online, self-supporting programs to meet the needs of students competing in an evolving employment environment. UTSA offers fully online, self-supporting programs like its specialized, nationally ranked cyber security program as well as broader degree paths that help students accomplish their education goals. Enrollment in UTSA's fully online undergraduate and graduate degree programs continues to increase year-over-year. Additionally, recognition of the quality of UTSA's fully online degree programs continues to expand. U.S. News and World Report has ranked UTSA in the top 25% of all online programs in the United States. UTSA jumped in the Best Online Bachelor's Degree Programs rankings from No. 246 in 2021 to No. 85 in 2023 — an overall 65% increase in rank in two years.

Bring your program to fully online students

Expand your impact

  • Reach students who are only able to attend UTSA if a fully online modality is available.
  • Use services from the Offices of Online Programs and Teaching, Learning & Digital Transformation can to tailor your curricula to fit an high-quality online classroom modality.
  • Focus only on your major courses as UTSA offers an entire catalog of fully online core classes. 

Advance your work

  • Incorporating online programs into your portfolio and ensure they match your time, available resources and professional goals.
  • Receive stipends for building and teaching online courses.
  • Create new degree programs with embedded stackable certificates, allowing students to begin with a certificate that leads to a degree or enroll in the full program.

Discover new connections and strategies

  • Connect with your peers.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Enhance your curricula to meet an entirely different set of students - wherever they are.

Faculty have a trusted partner in the Office of Online Programs

The Office of Online Programs and its partners work collaboratively with faculty at every step of building a program for 100% online students. From vision to course delivery, they provide a host of services to support faculty throughout the building process, market the program or course and enroll students after it launches. The Office of Online Programs is a trusted partner invested in your success. Learn more.

Hybrid classes

UTSA also offers on-campus students many opportunities to take courses in a hybrid model, combining in-person and online classes. These classes only serve residential students who are not enrolled in a fully online, self-supporting degree program.

Learn More: Course modalities at UTSA.

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