Cross-listed course requests

A cross-listed course allows fully online, self-supporting program students to advance through their degree with minimal disruption. The cross-listed course must be offered online and in an asynchronous format. Online students are not expected to attend live course sections with a specific date and time.

What is the difference of Internet vs. Online Campus?

At UTSA, courses taught online are categorized as either an “internet” campus course or “online” campus course. These words and designations are coded in BANNER, UTSA’s student information system. Students, depending on whether they are in a traditional on-campus program, hybrid program or a fully online program, will be restricted from taking certain courses. The Online Campus (ONL) is also distinct and separate from all other student segments for funding, revenue and legal purposes.

  • Internet Campus (INT) – for students who attend UTSA on campus but can take some of their courses online/remotely in a hybrid class model. Internet courses are only offered to on-campus students. To search for these courses, select “Internet” in the Campus section on the class schedule. 
  • Online Campus (ONL) – for students who are in a fully online, self-supporting degree program. To search for these courses, select “Online Programs” in the Campus section on the class schedule. Online/ONL courses are only offered to students in fully online degree and certificate programs. Online/ONL students may only take Internet courses if those courses are cross-listed.

Cross-listing process

Determining whether a course needs to be cross-listed

The Office of Online Programs or the college's sponsoring department may need to cross-list courses for various reasons. For the department to begin this process, please contact If Online Programs discovers a need, we will contact the department before next steps are taken.

Meeting to discuss the cross-listing process

Once a cross-listed need is identified, Online Programs will coordinate a time to meet and discuss the process, financial stipends and any questions from the college/department.

Create separate sections

The academic department is responsible for creating a separate ONL section in Banner to accommodate fully online students.

Submit course information to CLSS

The academic department will submit the course information (Semester, Course CRN, Subject, Number, Section, Course Title & instructor) to CLSS. All ONL sections must be coded with ON1, ON2, etc. (depending on how many online sections are in each course). 

Academic Innovation cross-listed sections in Canvas

Course developers and instructors require seven weeks to prepare each cross-listed course. Requirements include, but are not limited to, setting course dates for assignments, assessments, the adaptive release of content and course activity, etc.


Questions about cross-listing courses?

Email Academic Innovation's Office of Online Programs at

Instructor stipends for cross-listed courses

Faculty may be paid an additional stipend for instruction provided to fully online students in a cross-listed course. The scale below is a baseline for the stipend, but may change based on curricular/faculty needs.

% of Online (ONL) students in the cross-listed course

Faculty stipend























Important Notes

When creating cross-listed sections in Banner: Before copying the course content, the department must merge the Internet and ONL sections in CLSS. Creating cross-listed sections is not allowed once the course is live, as it will disrupt the student experience. Cross-listed sections must be completed at least two weeks before student activity in the courses begin in order to provide the instructor ample time to conduct quality control checks. To learn how to code ONL sections in CLSS, click here.

Cross-listed request due dates

Semester Semester start date Cross-listed course completed by
Summer 2023 May 30, 2023 May 16, 2023
Fall 2023 August 21, 2023 August 7, 2023
Spring 2024 January 15, 2024 January 2, 2024

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