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Fall 2020 Incentive

Quality course development is a key priority for UTSA. Through Academic Innovation, our goal is to offer a high quality learning experience for all students. The elements of our course design include clear organization, well-designed and relevant learning outcomes, content and assessment, a strong instructor presence and student engagement component, and attention to accessibility.

In April 2020, Academic Innovation promoted an Online Course Design Checklist based on Quality Matters standards. The checklist is the foundation of the series of webinars offered in Spring and Summer by Academic Innovation to help faculty create their online courses with these elements in mind.

We recognize the time and effort that faculty need to put into course design and implement high quality online courses that prioritize student-faculty connection and are offering a $500 incentive for the development of each course new to online modality this fall. To be eligible for the incentive, faculty will need to complete the Fall 2020 Incentive Request Form confirming that:

  1. The course has never been offered online or in the remote format prior to Fall 2020 and
  2. The course meets the criteria listed in the Online Course Design Checklist.


The deadline to apply for the incentive is October 15. Eligible faculty who complete the Fall 2020 Incentive Request form must

  • Submit by September 15th to receive with their November pay check
  • Submit by October 15th to received with their December pay check

In addition, faculty who are interested in greater participation in Quality Matters and would like to participate in one of the Quality Matters training programs may apply for support from the division of Academic Innovation through Digital Learning.

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