Student Privacy (FERPA) in Virtual Classrooms and Other Educational Recordings Consent & Release Decision Tree

Will you be recording classes and/or other educational events?

Will your recorded classes* and/or other educational events include students in the recording?

Will the recording(s) be shared with anyone outside of the current class(section) and/or educational event?

  • YES - If you intend to disclose/share the recording to anyone outside of current class (section), educational event attendees, and/or instructor/facilitator, then the intended audience is determinative and a FERPA consent form is required, unless the other person is also a UTSA school official with a legitimate educational interest in the recording or one of the other enumerated FERPA exceptions (See HOP 5.1, IX., C., 2. for full list of exceptions).
    • If consent is required , here are the instructions, on how to electronically capture the student's information and signature:
    • Once done, they can save it and return the file back to you for documentation of their consent.

Need Help?

  • FERPA Questions: Sandra Garcia, Associate Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer in Legal Affairs,
  • Technical Questions: Academic Innovation - or call 210-458-4520, Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.