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Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

Academic Innovation provides various options for faculty and students to meet, collaborate, and learn. Use these guidelines to help you identify the essential elements and tools available to move your course online.

New to teaching virtually? Start here.

Review the following to help you organize your course content for remote teaching. Stay tuned for more updates as this page continues to be adjusted.

Remote Teaching Essentials

Step #1: Check Your Tech

Make sure that your computer is kept up to date and has Google Chrome for increased Blackboard compatibility. It’s free, and available for Apple's Mac OS, Windows PCs, and most mobile devices. If you use a UTSA issued laptop or tablet, please bring it on campus and connect to our network so it can be updated. It should be noted that this process may take a few hours depending on the number of updates that need to be installed.

Contact University Technology Solutions at 210-458-5555 or if you require assistance. For more, review this list of available resources to assist with working and learning remotely. 

Step #2: Learn Blackboard Learn (Bb)

Blackboard Learn is UTSA’s Learning Management System (LMS) and your primary tool for teaching and sharing your course content online.

Blackboard Quick Start Guide / Support / User Guides


Step #3: Ensure Accessibility

Essential elements of every online course

Essentials Plus

After you get the hang of using the essential features within Blackboard, consider using the following tools to further engage with your students and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Blackboard Collaborate

Support / User Guide

Simple video solution in Bb for hosting live classes/lectures, discussions, virtual office hours, with up to 200 students or one-on-one


Support / User Guide

Easy-to-use software for recording, editing, and captioning asynchronous videos that integrates with Bb


Support / User Guide

Zoom is a video meeting platform that is now available for free to all UTSA faculty, staff and students.




As you become more and more comfortable with virtual instruction, consider exploring the following tools to further enhance your online course(s).

Tools for Engagement



Interactive video solution in Bb that allows students to learn at their own pace, while allowing for tracking, embedded quizzes, and engagement that can by synced to your gradebook.


Support / User Guide

Visually appealing, interactive discussion board solution in Bb that allows students to respond to their peers and collaborate beyond words/text.

Tools for Content Creation

Adobe Creative Cloud

Support / User Guide

This set of applications and services provides access to a suite of graphic design, video editing, web development and photography software. Adobe Spark is a great one to start with. It's an easy to use design app that allows users to easily create interactive and engaging content with minimal time and effort.

SoftChalk Cloud

Support / User Guide

The latest version of SoftChalk is a web-based application which allows you to easily create existing course materials into interactive and engaging e-learning content with minimal time, effort, and resources.

Tools for Assessment


Support / User Guide

An exam solution for PC users that allows for the creation and management of exams using a familiar Windows environment, to publish into Bb.


Support / User Guide

A plagiarism detection software solution in Bb used to prevent dishonest formatting and character substitutions.


Support / User Guide

An academic integrity software solution in Bb with state-of-the-art facial detection technology and a robust suite of fully automated software. Its remote monitoring platform ensures end-to-end learning integrity before, during, and after the assessment.

Other Tools

iClicker Cloud

Support / User Guide

A polling Student Response System (SRS) that enables instructors to ask questions, gather student responses, display those responses in real-time, grade responses and sync them to your gradebook.


Support / User Guide

This online survey tool allows you to build and collaborate on surveys with other team members on professional surveys including academic research, student satisfactions, and much more.



Online Teaching & Learning

Academic Innovation

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Get 24/7 Blackboard Support

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Technology Support

University Technology Solutions

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Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Health & Wellbeing

Reach out to us, your colleagues, mentors, or the Employee Assistance Program (1-866-EAP-2400).

For inspiration, watch this Town Hall on Wellbeing in the Midst of a Pandemic to get some great insight from your faculty colleagues.

For Students

Share the Student Online Learning Support page on the UTSA COVID-19 site for more on resources available for students, including this handy Social Support & Remote Resources guide.