Preparing Career-Ready Roadrunners

UTSA graduates are Career-Ready

The UTSA's BOLD ADVANTAGE is our unique equation for success. It’s the formula that gives UTSA students an edge, preparing them with knowledge, "learning-by-doing" experiences and marketable skills to pursue life-changing careers and positively impact our community.

UTSA understands that everyone in our community contributes to our students' success. From day one of a student’s academic journey, faculty and staff, community partners and academic leaders work together to deliver a university experience that is unique to each student and uniquely UTSA.

In the classroom, UTSA faculty provide high-quality instruction in cutting-edge curricula. Trained at the best universities and experts in the forefront of their fields, their research makes a deep national impact and is a part of our students’ experiences both in and out of the classroom.

At UTSA, we have designed our academic programs, support services and collaborative opportunities to build on our students’ talents and enrich their academic paths. Learning is not limited to classrooms — through innovative teaching and transformational immersive experiences, learning happens in every corner of campus and all around our city!

UTSA Students

Our students' diverse individual assets

The rich mosaic of diversity our students bring through their own culture, personal values and lived experiences, is what distinguishes UTSA from others. Students find a close-knit community at UTSA where differences are celebrated and a thriving city with vast opportunities to expand their horizons and hone their talents.

UTSA is committed to providing access for all students to gain the lifetime benefits of higher education. Our Bold Promise program addresses college affordability to increase access. Eligible students can receive a top-rate education with no expense for tuition or mandatory fees. 

We know that through their experiences, our students are diverse, dedicated and driven.

UTSA Classroom to Career experiences

What sets UTSA apart is our focus on what comes next from day one, through immersive “learning-by-doing” experiences designed to prepare students for success in their careers and bold futures. It's an Advantage for greater career success, financial security and a more meaningful life.

Group of UTSA students walking & talking
Learning through Industry

At UTSA, we train students to understand how classroom learning applies in the real world. Internships in industry or at non-profit organizations, undergraduate research in laboratories and clinical settings, workshops and competitions in entrepreneurship, and more deepen learning outcomes and enable students to develop marketable skills that improve career success.

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UTSA student engaging in class
Learning in Community

UTSA students are actively engaged in national issues and global dialogues. They understand and celebrate varied points of view and are prepared to overcome challenges and navigate a diverse workplace with the confidence and insight that comes from the exchange of lived experiences, providing valuable skills employers seek.

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UTSA student working on group project
Learning through Technology

Our knowledge-based economy demands proficiency with software, applications, data and enterprise systems. UTSA graduates possess a mastery of technical skills and the ability to adapt to emerging technology, giving them a marketable edge, not just for their first job, but throughout their career.

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New UTSA graduate
Learning with Initiative

UTSA emphasizes strong communication, leadership skills and personal resilience. It fosters adaptable innovators, well equipped to excel in the workplace. Our graduates face the future with character, confident in the skills learned at UTSA to create a brighter future for all.

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The result: Career-Ready Roadrunners

The UTSA's BOLD ADVANTAGE is the edge that puts our graduates ahead of the pack. They’re ready to face the future, support their communities and forge a path for others to follow. UTSA graduates combine their diverse backgrounds with the immersive experiences and knowledge gained at UTSA to become civic-minded leaders who champion equity and promote prosperity. They are tech savvy and skillfully trained to flourish in the workforce and give back to the community through serving society.

UTSA prepares all students to not only succeed, but to thrive.

UTSA Students at commencement