Learning through Industry

From Classroom to Career, Students Thrive

When students learn by doing, they learn differently. From industry internships and team-based project learning to research and entrepreneurship, experiences outside the classroom stretch academic foundations to a whole new level and prepare students for the workforce ahead. That’s what UTSA students find from Day One of their academic journey — experience-based learning to support their transition to life after college and into career. It’s an advantage that translates theory into practice and practice into paycheck.

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Benefits to Students

  • Facilitates a greater awareness of how classroom learning applies to the real world
  • Increases student engagement and improves retention
  • Generates marketable skills and experiences to improve career success
  • Encourages career and graduate study exploration before graduation
  • Engages students in research-related scholarship

Doubra Azazi, Class of 2025

Learning through Industry Illustrated

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Why wait to change the world?

UTSA’s Classroom to Career initiative is education reimagined. Whether through year-round programs or projects and competitions, the Najim Center offers students opportunities for valuable industry engagement. Students gain real-world experience to ensure they stand out when applying for their first job. Like students in the Najim Strategist program who are paired with external experts to explore today’s complex problems and solve relevant questions. By learning how to transform ideas into impact, UTSA students graduate with both transcripts and a resume for a Bold future.

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Immersed in Inquiry

Learning is fueled by exploration and UTSA students are engaged learners. They deepen their learning and gain hands-on experience to prepare them for their future careers by applying theory to practice. Through access to thousands of high-quality undergraduate research experiences, our students work alongside mentors to solve problems and master difficult concepts. There are discoveries to be made and our students are ready to find them.

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Meeting Texas Workforce Needs

UTSA opens doors to meet the growing employment demands of our region — for our students and for their employers. UTSA students engage with the world through learning experiences that are career-focused and credentials that are skill based. It’s their secret weapon, their advantage in the job market. Our business partners look to UTSA to gain early access to talented students with competitive career competencies in critical thinking, leadership and teaming. Our unique Experience Transcript offers a snapshot of the complete learning experience outside the classroom. Its real life and its real smart.

Learning through Industry by the Numbers



of students who received course credit participated in research or internships



of UTSA’s employer partners offer paid internships to students



is the average base salary for a UTSA graduate