Learning through Technology

Programming a Competitive Edge

Work in the 21st century demands proficiency in rapidly changing technology. UTSA prepares students for success in a digital world. Increasingly, employers look for high levels of computer literacy in their hiring decisions and UTSA students are ahead of the curve. They are ready to meet employers needs and contribute to their communities with a mastery of skills and knowledge gained through classroom and career-engaged learning. Students know their way around the digital landscape and are ready for career opportunities in virtually every field.

Benefits to Students

  • Develops a mastery of technical skills for growth and future success
  • Creates a firm foundation of essential concepts, skills, and strategies
  • Fosters digital literacy, access, and equity for students
  • Facilitates innovation and creativity
  • Encourages interest in the latest technological developments

Sophia Bard, Class of 2023

Learning through Technology Illustrated

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Creating Positive Outcomes

As an Adobe Creative Campus, UTSA transforms digital education. Students are equipped with the tools to engage with their coursework, increase digital literacy and build professional experience from their first day at UTSA. It’s an advantage that leads to future success. Students are ready to proactively navigate and innovate the ever-evolving technical landscape by pairing digital know-how with problem-solving, interdisciplinary teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

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Enhancing Digital Literacy

UTSA students learn to speak and understand the language of technology in preparation for their future careers. UTSA’s Undergraduate Adobe Institute offers students the opportunity to participate in a series of short projects resulting in the production of work that enhances their knowledge and skills to navigate, evaluate and communicate information online, in a digital format. Our students are trained to consume, create and communicate information online, with assistance from experts and coaches along the way, making them valued assets in the workplace.

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Addressing National Security Challenges

The national security landscape is ever-changing, but for more than 20 years UTSA has been at the head of the class when it comes to cybersecurity. UTSA prepares students for the high-tech jobs of the future with the best programs in data science, cyber manufacturing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art facilities and partnerships with the industry's leading organizations. It's just one reason our students are cyber superheroes.

Learning through Technology by the Numbers



higher persistence for academically at-risk students in classes that integrated Adobe tools



more A&B grade for academically at-risk students in classes that integrated Adobe tools



cybersecurity research centers and institutes