Meet the Canvas+Working Group

January 1, 2023
The Canvas+ Team

Academic Innovation has gathered representatives from across UTSA to advise, review and guide the transition from Blackboard to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Members of the working group come from each college, the Student Government Association (SGA), graduate students, and offices including Teaching, Learning and Digital Transformation (TLDT), Student Success, University Technology Solutions (UTS), Academic Technologies, and Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE). Together, they will help bring Canvas’ intuitive, equitable, and progressive feature set to UTSA beginning Fall 2023. 

You will often see them across the Canvas+ communications, providing demos, answering questions, or talking about what features they’re excited to use in the classroom – either as students or faculty members. To reach the members of this team, email 

Administrative Representatives  

  • Marcela Ramirez, Academic Innovation  
  • Jonathan Gutierrez, Academic Innovation
  • Dustin Barrows, Academic Innovation 
  • Melissa Mahan, PaCE
  • Jake Erney, Academic Innovation 
  • Shelley Howell, Academic Innovation
  • Claudia Arcolin, Academic Innovation
  • Amy Buechler-Steubing, Student Success 
  • David York, UTS
  • Laura Sheehy, Alvarez College of Business
  • Susie Saucedo, Graduate School 

Faculty Representatives  

  • Rita Mitra, Alvarez College of Business
  • Sidury Christiansen, College of Education and Human Development
  • Debra Pena, University College 
  • Teri Matiella, College of Sciences 
  • Lorenzo Brancaleon, College of Sciences 
  • Hector Aguilar, Honors College, College of Sciences
  • Ryan McPherson, College of Liberal and Fine Arts 
  • Alberto Cordova, College of Health, Community and Policy  
  • Arturo Montoya, Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design 
  • Tim Yuen, College of Education and Human Development, Klesse College of Engineering and Integrated Design, College of Sciences
  • Seok Kang, College of Liberal and Fine Arts 

Student Representatives  

  • Tiffany Hunter, Graduate Student 
  • Maribel Martinez, SGA Academic Affairs Chair, Undergraduate Student 
  • Jeni Brett, SGA Senator, Graduate Student 
  • Matthew Medina, Undergraduate Transfer Student