Bold Careers QEP

Bold Careers is the name of UTSA's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

What is a QEP?

The Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP, is the university’s plan of action to enhance student learning. It's a necessary part of the university's accreditation process. It also ensures that a university is regularly improving and delivering on its promise to students.

What is Bold Careers all about?

The goal of the Bold Careers plan is to develop students’ marketable skills and career readiness by helping them find understanding through experiential learning.

The Bold Careers effort will

  1. enhance the availability and accessibility of internships, undergraduate research, and community engaged learning opportunities;
  2. provide resources to help faculty lead and enhance experiential learning; and
  3. assist students in articulating the marketable skills gained from participating in experiential learning opportunities.

Additionally, the plan seeks to enhance experiential learning at UTSA by standardizing policies and processes for developing, implementing, and tracking these opportunities; incorporating best practices to ensure alignment with academic goals and career readiness competencies; and increasing the availability and accessibility of experiential learning opportunities for all students, including those that have been underrepresented in past experiential learning activities. This program builds on UTSA’s Classroom to Career (C2C) Strategic Initiative that focuses on promoting career-engaged learning, expanding experiential learning on campus, and creating career-ready graduates.

Read the Bold Careers Report Here

Students: Check out these new experiential learning opportunities!

Employment and Internships

The Najim Center for Innovation and Career Advancement offers students unique off-campus opportunities working with faculty on industry projects. Visit the Najim Center website or email to get involved. 

Federal Work Study Experiment. UTSA received additional federal funding to support work-study eligible students, allowing students to work off campus and get paid. Students interested in the FWSE may contact the University Career Center at

Rowdy Corps. Additional funding was given to Rowdy Corps, UTSA's off-campus work study program, to increase the number of students who can participate and to expand the number of community partners where students are placed. Students interested in participating in Rowdy Corps should visit the Center for Civic Engagement website.

UTS created a Bold Careers Ambassador and Internship program, an on-campus and virtual internship and community experiential learning experience. For more information, reach out to Technology Solutions - Bold Careers.

The University Career Center helps students connect with many local, state-wide and national businesses (including NASA, Walmart, Caterpillar, Visa, Ericson, GM, and more), through virtual internships and recruiting events. Explore the Career Center's website to learn the many resources and opportunities available to build your marketable skills and support your career readiness!


The Office of Undergraduate Research held its signature semi-annual event — the Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Showcase — virtually with great success. Students interested in showcasing their scholarly work, or those interested in getting involved in undergraduate research, should reach out to for details.

Other Opportunities

Have an idea for a business? Already started a business and need help taking it to the next level? Or just interested in learning more about being an entrepreneur? Visit the new UTSA Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship website to find events and opportunities.

Community Engaged Leadership and Legal Studies certificates are now available to current students. For more information about these and other certificate programs, visit the UTSA Undergraduate Catalog

The Roadrunner Network is a virtual community where students and alumni interact to ask questions, seek guidance, and inspire paths toward professional goals. Learn more and join the network today!