Marketable Skills

Career-ready marketable skills training is offered through the Student Leadership Academy.

The Student Leadership Academy is comprised of both experiential workshops and supplementary action steps identified specifically to build upon this new knowledge. This academy will enable students to explore, develop, and better articulate strengths which relate to envisioning and enacting positive change in both civic and career leadership.

The SLA Workshops are offered across three levels, corresponding to the three perspectives of change featured in the Social Change Model: Individual, Group, and Societal. Defined in 1994 by Astin and Astin, the Social Change Model empowers emerging leaders to facilitate positive social change in their communities.

Each workshop is also tailored to address a specific NACE Professional Competency; these competencies are skillsets identified by employers as the key assets of new hires and new professionals. The NACE competency tied to each workshop is listed after the description. Students who complete the SLA workshops will be more knowledgeable and confident as leaders, and better able to identify, initiate, and support positive change in their workplace and in the world.


 The ability to identify and demonstrate your Marketable Skills to an employer, will increase your chances landing the job! Take a look at the top skills employers from your field are asking for and see how YOU compare!

Further resources provided by the University Career Center: Find your specific College, or explore several based on Major.


True Colors© is a nationally recognized personality assessment instrument. Staff and student workers are introduced to True Colors© through its Keys to Personal Success© curriculum instructed by facilitators from Student Affairs, certified by True Colors© International.


Formal True Colors Training
Formal True Colors Training