Onboarding Basics

Effective onboarding sets the new employee and their supervisor up for success, by ensuring administrative paperwork is complete, the new person understands their job, and how their role fits in to rest of the office. An organized and thorough approach strongly supports morale, productivity, and retention.

Information and Activities Before the First Day

  • HR appointment, access, workspace and resources
    • Confirm new-hire appointment and start date
    • Assure workspace and necessary resources
    • Office/network access
  • Setting tone and expectations
    • Congratulations and welcome
    • Inform team about new hire start
    • Highlight behaviors for success - ask questions, seek feedback

Day One

14 Days

  • Begin 1:1 Meetings with student (Ask questions, confirm deadlines, updates etc.)
  • Include in team meetings, group chats, other communication efforts
  • Staggered increase in work responsibilities
  • Clarify goals and accountability using SMART Goals Worksheet

90 Days

  • Mandatory and preferred training
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with supervisor (Thorn and Rose moments for the week)
  • Review Remote Work Ideas (if applicable) found below
  • Reflect on increase in work responsibilities
  • Clarifying goals and accountability
  • Mid-semester performance review to provide feedback about quality and quantity of work and inquires about personal and professional goals

Still have questions specifically regarding Work Study @ UTSA? Here is a useful link for FAQs --> More for Work Study Supervisors

LinkedIn Learning Video Playlist

Onboarding New Hires As a Manager

Other Available Training

Bystander Training


Please email Jarvis Clark, Associate Director of Student Activities for more information.


Campus Rec Online Training





Service Standard Training Facilitated by People Excellence

Check the People Excellence website for current training schedule.



New Student Staff Training Checklist

New Student Staff Training Checklist
Rowdy Corps Handbook

Rowdy Corps Handbook
Developing Interactive Workshops

Developing Interactive Workshops

Job Ideas for Students Working Remotely

There are many possible activities for student employees who work remotely. We have put together a list of activities designed to improve the student as an employee, to benefit your office now and in the future.

Job Tips for Students Working Remotely