Programs and Events

Najim programs and events are focused on supporting the holistic development of students, both personally and professionally. We invite students to come as they are and engage in innovative approaches to building new skills and designing their lives.

Skill Building Opportunities

 A Digital Badge will be awarded upon completion of each program.

Najim Programs - mental strength badge

Building Your Strengths

Clifton Strengths - Take the CliftonStrengths survey to discover your “Top 5” CliftonStrengths and attend an interactive session to explore how to use those strengths for future success.

Mental Strength + Career Decision Making - Engage in virtual activities that help you find your passion, build self-awareness, overcome mental blocks, manage stress, and create your vision for the future!

Email UTSA Najim Center to enroll  

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Values & Healthy Boundaries

Participate in a series of self-guided reflections to clarify your values and practice setting healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life.

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Najim Programs

Rowdy Intern Video Series

Learn how to become a Rowdy Intern, from start to finish in this interactive video series! It will help you find an internship, become a rock star intern, and unpack your experience. No matter where you are in your internship journey, you can select the video of your choice and start there!

Check out the Rowdy Intern Video Series   on the Najim Center’s YouTube Channel  

Fall - Spring Program


Najim Advocacy Program

Are you interested in growing personally and professionally and cultivating change in your community? Join the Najim Advocacy Program and learn the basics of advocacy through the Social Change Model, as well as take action on a community cause you are passionate about. During this 2 semester program, you will explore the connection between identity, social equity, and community building and complete a community advocacy project in San Antonio. 

This is a PAID experience. Applications are open through August 30, 2023. 


Spring Programs

Najim Programs

Career-Engaged Learning Course (UCS 2013)

Spring 2023

Further explore yourself and future career through this interactive course! Learn how to “tell your story,” and network effectively by showcasing your talents and skills. Build your radical collaboration, market research, and communication skills by working in a team to solve a real-world problem for a local company.

Najim Programs

Career Innovation Summit

March 24, 2023

With the ever-changing job market, the need to think about careers in a new way has never been greater! Join us and develop leadership skills as you engage in self-reflection, team challenges, vison casting, and action planning.  The summit will feature author and speaker Chris Collins & UTSA Student Activities Associate Director Jarvis Clark! 

2023 Conference Theme: The Leader in You

Najim Programs - Personal Career Planning

Personal Career Planning (UCS 2033)

Spring 2023

Join us for an interactive and innovative approach to career planning using design thinking! Through self-reflective and group activities, you will ideate, experiment, and radically collaborate with peers to design your path forward as a college student, for your career and your life.

Summer Program


What's In It For Me (WIIFM) Summer Institute

May 30- July 18, 2023

The WIIFM Institute explores creative approaches to solve issues, challenges and opportunities that are plaguing college students of all levels. Through a project consulting approach, this institute cultivates intentional and systematic competencies that are designed to develop global humans capable of solving problems, and drive discovery that equips them with knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to ignite change in the world. Students will work with and draw insights from innovative and successful industry leaders to explore their approaches. Students will also examine the role that failure plays in their life’s journey and the process by which one can recover by using foundational design-thinking concepts.

This summer, we are headed to Argentina!

We will meet at UTSA on Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am-1 pm, starting May 30th. The Argentina trip will take place July 8-17, 2023. 

We will not meet Tuesday, July 4th, 2023