Projects & Competitions

What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging, and complex question, problem, or challenge.

At the Najim Center, we make project-based learning come alive!

Our focus:

  • Providing students with opportunities to work on REAL WORLD issues that both domestic and global organizations are facing.
  • Helping startups, corporations and nonprofits identify innovative ways to solve their issues by way of project management.

Project-Based Learning allows students to:  

  • Work collaboratively (diverse team of students across disciplines, faculty, and businesses from all types of industries)
  • Solve Problems (learning from failure and possibly having to start over) 
  • Be Creative (innovative, out of the box) 
  • Think Critically (analyzing and evaluating of the issue)
  • Manage Projects (time management and priority of task) 
  • Get Curious (Ask questions) 
  • Become Empowered (take ownership, reflect on and give back) 


Become a Najim Strategist

Fall and Spring Opportunity

Najim Strategists serve as consultants to an organization to aid in issues, challenges, or opportunities they are currently facing. Whether a start-up, corporation, or non-profit, Najim Strategists find innovative ways to solve the unique issues of the organization through project management. Once accepted to the program, strategists are placed in teams and given a problem the organization needs to solve. Strategists will have 8 weeks to research and design a solution for the organization's problem. Strategist teams are expected to meet and stay in contact with the organization liaison throughout the project timeline. During the last week of the project, the strategist team presents their research findings and solution to the organization.

Interested in becoming a Najim Strategist?

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Najim Strategists working with Pearl Hospitality


Civic And Social Experience Challenge (C.A.S.E.)


Can you crack the CASE? The “C.A.S.E.” Challenge crosses all disciplines and all types of corporations (sectors, social-public and private). Teams of student “strategists” have the opportunity to act as management consultants or members of the board of directors for an organization and are charged with determining the best course of action for the organization based on a provided social justice priority that our community is currently challenged with today. 

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Roadrunner Experience Showcase


Have you participated in an internship, industry project, research or leadership experience? If so, you are invited to present your experience and share lessons learned in front of Industry Partners, faculty/staff, and peers. Individual and Groups presentations are welcome. Prizes are awarded for the top presenters! Applications open on an annual basis in June.

Roadrunner Experience Showcase