Career-Engaged Learning

Bold Careers Check Fall 2020

January 27, 2021
Career-Engaged Learning

Progress Specific to Bold Careers (QEP)

Goal #1 Expand experiential learning opportunities

Develop an infrastructure to support a more diverse offering of experiential learning opportunities, including internships, undergraduate research, and community engaged learning.

  • Created the Najim Center for Innovation and Career Advancement through a donation which will provide unique off campus opportunities; pre and post assessments are being implemented for assessment of effectiveness.
  • Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship received $1 Million for the Draper Data Science Competition
  • Federal Work Study Experiment (allocation of $700,000) is expanding student opportunities, projected to support around 100 additional students in Spring 2021. This allows student to work off campus and get paid.
  • More funding was given to Rowdy Corps to increase the number of students who can participate and expand the number of community partners. Rowdy Corps is the off-campus work study program.
  • UTS created a Bold Careers Ambassador and Internship program, an on campus and virtual internship and community experiential learning experience.

  • Office of Undergraduate Research is expanding outreach by partnering with other centers in Career-Engaged Learning; a portion of the Najim donation is supporting research activities.

  • Community Engaged Leadership and Legal Studies certificates launched Fall 2020
  • Created process for approving alumni industry projects within Roadrunner Network. This allows UTSA alumni to help current students in experiential learning activities.
  • Experience Transcript (available through RowdyLink) is ready for phase 1 kick off in Spring 2021.

  • Launched Virtual Internship Series in partnership with the Small Business Center to support local businesses in creating and hosting student interns virtually.

  • Expanded partnerships with key employers including, NASA, Walmart, Caterpillar, Visa, Ericson, GM, increasing internship opportunities for students.
    • Students interested in learning about industry connections and recruiting events may contact the University Career Center at for assistance.

  • Developed first-ever UTSA Virtual Tech Career Expo, expanding internship options for students.

Goal #2 Develop experiential learning culture

Create a model of enhanced, strategic, and structured professional development to support faculty in developing experiential learning opportunities that intentionally address academic connections, career development, and transferability of knowledge and skills.

  • Spring 2021: Faculty Peer Mentoring for Experiential Learning will be launched. This matches faculty who are well versed in incorporating experiential learning into their course with faculty who are interested in doing so.

  • Faculty have new opportunity to be involved with students through Najim Center. The Najim Center pairs faculty with students and an industry project. The students get the academic guidance from faculty, while getting real world experience from working on a project.

  • Working with Registrar’s Office to give colleges ability to attach ‘experiential learning’ attribute to courses that have an internship, community engagement, or research component

  • Re-imaged Final Destination Survey to better gauge campus culture of experiential learning and track participation

Goal #3 Provide support for students engaged in experiential learning

Provide resources and services to help students understand and articulate the skills and knowledge they develop as they engage in experiential learning, thereby increasing their career readiness.

  • Professionalization of Work Study program - students participated in professional development workshops through Student Leadership Academy.
  • Starting Spring 2021: Expanding outreach of marketable skills awareness to include targeted program for UTSA athletes 
  • Starting Spring 2021: UTS will partner Career Fuel Ambassadors and Interns directly with managers to provide experiential learning opportunities based on student’s indicated career field aspirations.
  • Created and released Digital Internship Guide during the onset of pandemic, supporting students participating in virtual internships and professional development alternatives.
    • University inquiries may be directed to Adrian Ramirez, director of career development and college relations, at

  • Launched University Career Center online chat tool,, providing real-time support for students seeking and participating in experiential learning.
    • University inquiries may be directed to Adrian Ramirez, director of career development and college relations, at

  • Launched first ever Virtual Internship Week, training students on internship readiness skills and connecting them with federal internship opportunities.
    • University inquiries may be directed to Rachael Fletcher, associate director of internship development, at

  • Hosted virtual competitions for students to articulate skills gained through participation in internships and research, such as the Experiential Learning Expo and the Undergraduate Research & Creative Inquiry Showcase.
    • Undergraduate research inquiries may follow up at the OUR website.

  • Spring 2021: V-mock & Handshake Resume Project - Automizing the resume upload feature in Handshake to route students to Vmock for resume review and updates prior to making available for employers to view.
    • University inquiries may be directed to Adrian Ramirez, director of career development and college relations, at