Career-Engaged Learning

Bold Careers Check Fall 2022 - Summer 2023

November 22, 2023
Career-Engaged Learning

Progress Specific to Bold Careers (QEP)

Goal #1: Expand Experimental Learning Opportunities

Develop an infrastructure to support a more diverse offering of experiential learning opportunities, including internships, undergraduate research, and community engaged learning.

  1. Through the HSI Career Collaborative, the number of employers recruiting at UTSA and offering internships has increased.
  2. Parker Dewey received a grant from the Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation that funds Micro-Internships for eligible students. Given the success of the program to date, the DeLuca Foundation has expanded its program to fund Micro-Internships for students attending any HBCU and member schools of the HSI Career Collaborative! This funding covers 100% of the cost of the Micro-Internships, including the payments made to the students or recent grads who complete these short-term, professional assignments.
  3. Developed and launched three new experiential learning programs through the Najim Center- 1.) Innovate Yourself in 3D, 2.) Najim Advocacy Program, and 3.) Wayfinders, to provide paid project-based experience for students.
    1. Innovate Yourself in 3D supported students in building skills for working in teams, increasing self-awareness, articulating skills & experience, and designing their career path forward.
    2. Students participating in the Najim Advocacy Program gained advocacy skills and experience working in the community to make a lasting impact.
    3. The Wayfinder program trained students to be peer mentors and facilitators and led groups during the annual Career Innovation Summit.
  4. The Najim Center’s WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) Summer Institute took a group of 18 students to Argentina, South America, to complete a global project with the Argentina Stock Exchange, supporting students in gaining a global mindset alongside their project experience.
    1. Article-
  5. University Career Center developed partnerships with organizations to increase the potential of experiential learning opportunities as well as funding for student focused operations. This includes adding 12 new sponsorship level employees.
  6. The University Career Center in conjunction with the College of Education and Human Development hosted 2 Mix ‘n Mingle in-person networking opportunities for clinical teachers and school districts. In the fall of ‘22 we hosted 22 School Districts and had 130 students attend, and in the spring of ‘23 we hosted 27 School Districts/Charter Schools and 174 students attended.  

Goal #2: Develop Experiential Learning Culture

Create a model of enhanced, strategic, and structured professional development to support faculty in developing experiential learning opportunities that intentionally address academic connections, career development, and transferability of knowledge and skills.

  1. Experiential Learning Maps were created as a resource students can use to complement their academic experience with career readiness and experiential learning. (
  2. Conducted roadshow presentations across the university to include department chairs, faculty, freshmen seminar, and student organizations to bring awareness to experiential learning opportunities.
  3. Expanding alumni and employer relationships by traveling to Chicago and L.A. to promote recruiting at UTSA including partnering with alumni to build relationships with faculty to be part of the classroom.
  4. The Naijm Center established a partnership with AIS (freshmen seminar) faculty to facilitate team building exercises during class to support students in completing their experiential learning group projects.
  5. Developed Facilitator Training focused on engaging students experientially to support Career Engaged Learning team members in facilitating experiential programs. The Training was facilitated with the Najim Center team this year with the plan to expand to additional CEL offices and faculty next year.
  6. The Najim Center partnered with Alvarez College of Business course to integrate a real world project with a local business into the curriculum.

Goal #3: Provide Support for Students Engaged in Experiential Learning

Provide resources and services to help students understand and articulate the skills and knowledge they develop as they engage in experiential learning, thereby increasing their career readiness.

  1. Through the Career Academy, UT System students and alumni will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of career paths, such as Data Analyst, Cybersecurity Analyst, UX Designer, Application Developer, and Social Media Marketer, and develop specific workplace skills that will enhance their qualifications for the job market. (,
  2. UT System recently executed a three-year agreement that will provide each academic institution access to Steppingblocks Graduate Outcomes, a data and analytics platform that uniquely creates and maintains profiles of over 135 million college and university alumni and tracks their success in the job market 5, 10, and 20 years after graduation. Institutions can examine their alumni using interactive dashboards that provide both high-level and detailed analyses of alumni by variables that include demographics, major, geographic location, employers, and earnings. ( Steppingblocks Graduate Outcomes)
  3. Technology platforms continue to increase adoption:
    1. VMock (AI for resume writing, LinkedIn profile, and mock interviews)

      1. 3,730 Students utilized Vmock and improved their resume score 

      2. 136 Students utilized Vmock to practice interviews

      3. 195 Students linked their LinkedIn profile to Vmock  

    2. Roadrunner Network powered by PeopleGrove (alumni and peer mentorship platform)

      1.  1,156 students joined the Roadrunner Network  

      2. 240 alumni joined the Roadrunner Network  

  4. The University Career Center provided an increase in Internship offerings as well as job postings:
    1. Fall 2022 Internship Postings: 15,492

    2. Fall 2022 Job Postings: 27,041

    3. Spring 2023 Internship Postings: 16,474

    4. Spring 2023 Job Postings: 42,516

  5. The Rowdy Intern Video Series was created and published, educating students on how to find internships, be successful interns, & leverage their experience. The series, consisting of 18 interactive videos, was also divided into playlists tailored for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors.
  6. Stanford’s Design Your Life curriculum was embedded into the UCS 2033 Personal Career Planning Course to enhance career pathways for students and increase experiential learning opportunities. Students absolutely loved it! Quotes included:
    1. “So thankful for this course, I feel like I gained years of knowledge and experience in just one semester.”
    2. "Loved this class, how organized and detailed everything was. Homework and Classwork were both great and understandable. "
  7. Created and published Mental Strength + Career Decision Making, Values & Healthy Boundaries, and the Clifton Strengths Badges through Milestone for students to build career readiness skills alongside their experiential learning experiences.
  8. Provided opportunity for undergraduate research students showcase their experiential learning work. UTSA’s research excellence highlighted by undergraduates’ local and international showcases | UTSA Today | UTSA | The University of Texas at San Antonio
  9. EntreprenUTSA - (Inaugural Event) Partnered with local San Antonio Entrepreneurs to connect with students, and alumni. This event was created to build up excitement in entrepreneurially-minded students around the local entrepreneurship community. 
  10. CAREER-A-PALUTSA - (2 nd Annual) Students had the opportunity to connect with the University Career Center, Student Success Center offices, and Career Engaged Learning offices to learn about the resources they have available as current students and alumni (e.g. resume assistance, meeting with a Career Consultant/advisor, recruiting events/programming they can attend to connect with employers, etc.). Employer partners were also in attendance to connect with students and share their job/internship opportunities.  
  11. UTSA was awarded a 2 nd year grant for the Grow with Google HSI Career Readiness Program exposes students to technical training on Google products which are marketable skills.  In year one, 400 students completed modules within the program. 
  12. The University Career Center participated in the implementation of the USAA/HACU Financial Proficiency Grant. This grant aimed to help students improve their financial wellness by providing tools for informed decision making leading to financial security. UTSA met the required benchmarks for a successful implementation.
  13. The University Career Center, Health Professions, and Law Professions staff completed 3776 appointments with students directly related to preparation for the next steps in their career. These appointments involved helping students articulate and document marketable educational experiences, skills, and core competencies. Appointment types include preparation for, interviewing, graduate school, cover and resume writing, and career exploration.  
    • 709 students attended workshops hosted by UTSA 
    • 1030 students attended a networking event hosted by UTSA 
    • 81 Employer on-site visits were hosted by UTSA (not including Career Expos) 
    • Collaborated with the College of Business to implement the Business Honors Mentor Program  
    • Partnered with the Najim Center and College of Business to utilize Roadrunner Network Pathways to deliver content for the Mental Strength and Career Decision-Making Badge  
  14. The UCC partnered with Academic Affairs to purchase an Iris Professional Photo Booth.  
    • 2,072 unique users have taken a professional headshot in the booth 
    • 3,266 total sessions have been completed 


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