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Career Engaged Learning (CEL) provides experiential learning opportunities offering students an opportunity to gain real-world experience while positively impacting self-esteem and career readiness.

When you partner with CEL, you create opportunities for your organization to engage more deeply with students, faculty, and staff in our community. You connect your brand to a diverse and trusted institution of higher education that produces graduates seeking to make a positive impact in the corporate and global ecosystems.

Partner With Us

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The Health Professions Office serves all UTSA undergraduate, graduate, and alumni students pursuing a career in the Healthcare industry. Partners can serve a meaningful role to support student success through professional career development.

  1. Professional Alliances Mentoring/Networking: Bringing together individuals in professional communities to create engagement opportunities that drive professional career development.
  2. Professional Development Workshops/Guest Speaker: Experienced professionals speak about topics in their area of expertise that intersect with health profession preparation

SIE is here to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among all UTSA students, faculty, and the San Antonio community through education, resources, and support to create new technology-based ventures, serving as a catalyst for progress in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Partner with us on:

  1. Mentoring budding entrepreneurs
  2. Judging business plan competitions
  3. Co-developing/presenting webinars/workshops on entrepreneurship

The University Career Center interacts with its stakeholders through events, job postings, career consultant appointments, the career closet, and more. External partners can collaborate with our office through the following means:

  1. Post career opportunities on our career management platform
  2. Co-present a workshop/webinar
  3. Become a partner (includes heavily focused marketing, emails to all students, and more)
  4. Mentor students in their career journey

The Office of Civic and Community Engaged Leadership invites community-based organizations, nonprofits, and public-serving agencies to partner for mutually beneficial endeavors in public service and civic engagement.

  1. Join the Rowdy Corps Community Scholars Program: Nonprofits and public-serving agencies host federal work-study eligible students as interns or student workers for a mutual capacity building opportunity
  2. Community-Engaged Learning and Scholarship: Explore opportunities to work with students and faculty as part of a course or series of courses
  3. Civic Leadership: Partner with #RowdyVOTES, voter education, and engagement in campus/community efforts to collectively increase voter turnout
  4. Civic Engagement: campus volunteer recruitment. Post volunteer opportunities on the community-engaged platform UTSAEngaged

The Najim Center engages students and community stakeholders in collaborative and inclusive project-based learning and programming. External partners can join our ecosystem by:

  1. Offering student projects
  2. Facilitating industry activities

The Institute for Law and Public Affairs interacts with the legal community through sponsorships, academic legal internships, mentorships, and prelaw events to assist undergraduate students on their preparation for and admission to law school.

External partners can collaborate with the Institute for Law and Public Affairs through the following means:

  1. Provide Summer Law School Preparation Academy academic scholarships
  2. Admit students for legal internships that count for academic credit (UCS 4933)
  3. Become a mentor for students considering law school
  4. Co-sponsor and or co-participate in prelaw events (networking events, legal practice panel event, and others)