Job Ideas for Students Working Remotely

Below are possible activities that can be adapted for your student employees to work remotely. Although these activities may not mirror the functions currently performed in your office, leadership is asking for flexibility in these unprecedented times. The activities are designed to improve the student as an employee, benefit your office now or in the future, and assist in the transition to working remotely.

  1. Participate in online training. Does your office have mandatory training? Use this opportunity to have students complete this.
  2. Develop training (student worker orientation; customer service; your office’s services)
  3. Create online content such as
    • Youtube Videos. Example: promotional video for an event or a How to.
    • Online resources for webpage. Example: best ways to communicate with your office virtually
    • FAQs
  4. Host online meetings with other students. If you have lead student workers, have them create weekly check-ins with their staff
  5. Complete office projects that have been on “the shelf” for a while
  6. Online files clean up
  7. Update materials; flyers, manuals, processes, databases, lists
  8. Create resources for how to be a remote student or how to work remotely with your office. This can be researched online.
  9. Review other institutional websites for content ideas to improve your office’s website
  10. Research on various higher education topics
  11. Outbound calling
  12. Social media
  13. Utilize the student employee’s talents and experiences. Create tips for other students:
    • Public speaking
    • Being an engaged student
    • Succeeding academically
    • Working in an office environment
    • Being a first-gen college student
  14. Virtual readings with reflections written and returned to supervisor
  15. Professional development
  16. Student feedback. Review student worker policy from their lens, or create an operating procedure for a student worker policy. Empower then to reflect on their own role as a student worker.
  17. Marketable skills development. Reflect on how their coursework related to their on campus job and to their ultimate career aspiration.
  18. Virtual meetings

Free Resources

Skillsoft Online Learning Platform for all UTSA Employees

  • Thousands of resources on a wide variety of topics
  • Learning modules, books, audio books, articles
  • Go to: 
  • Select UTSA as your institution and enter your ABC123
  • Available now! Check it out!

Go to

Select UTSA, enter ABC123 and Passphrase and enter the UTSA Learning Zone

Adobe Creative

Adobe Spark - Make interactive web page; templates for social media graphics or printed flyers; put together a video presentation with text and audio

UTSA Human Resources

  • Work with HR to create a certification on a topic. HR can suggest Skillsoft courses or other resources to fulfill this.


Creating activities that would align well with the Enriching Campus Wellbeing Initiative.

Below are a few activities that supervisors can assign to student employees to address the 8 dimensions of well-being.

  • Intellectual Wellbeing: Article review and reflection questions
  • Physical Wellbeing: Stream an online workout
  • Social Wellbeing: Schedule a virtual meet-up with co-workers focused on catching up
  • Spiritual Wellbeing: Journal, attend virtual religious gathering, meditate
  • Environmental Wellbeing: Participate in an outdoor activity
  • Financial Wellbeing: Attend an online budgeting workshop
  • Occupational Wellbeing: Attend an online Marketable Skills workshop
  • Psychological Wellbeing: Identify current coping skills and new ones to try, virtual counseling
For more resources about staying well, please visit Stay Well with Campus Rec.

Student Leadership Center

Video Sessions:

Sign up for a live video session via RowdyLink by searching "Marketable Skills Leadership Workshop".

Supervisors who would like to co-facilitate a session or schedule one in advance, please Email .

University Career Center

  • Practice interviewing via Interview Stream. Students can record the mock interview and send to supervisor for feedback.

NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)

  • A variety of career readiness assessments are available


  • CAMPUSPEAK is hosting Virtual Impact Programming for free. Resources for students and professional staff that delivers important ideas to empower students