Academic Programs and Agreements

Approval System

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CourseLeaf is the system used to submit requests for approval of new academic programs, academic program changes, and academic agreements.

For access to the CourseLeaf system, assistance in the system, or general information about processes, email

Training is required for new users and workflow approvers. Training can be scheduled on an individual user basis or can include groups from units/colleges/departments. 

  • To request training, email
  • Once a user has access to the system, they can initiate new program proposals, make edits to existing programs, and propose/edit academic agreements.

Academic Programs

Academic program proposals are routed based on preset workflows so that the appropriate entities at UTSA are included in the approval process. Changes regarding academic programs may require:

  • University of Texas (UT) System,
  • Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB),
  • and/or Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) approval before becoming effective.

Prior to any external approvals, it is important that the appropriate entities at UTSA are included in the process of proposing changes. From a faculty governance perspective, the respective:

  • Department Curriculum Committee,
  • Department Chair/School Director,
  • College Curriculum Committee, and
  • Dean

should be involved prior to seeking approval for the change.

In addition, the Faculty Senate and other entities are included in the approval process as noted on the  Academic Program Approval Flowchart below.

Not all proposals will need all approvals listed, but this flowchart provides a comprehensive overview of the process.


The following matrix will also assist those who are proposing new programs or making changes to existing program. For questions or assistance, please email

CourseLeaf Submission Matrix  

Academic Agreements

New academic agreements and changes to academic agreements are routed based on preset workflows so that the appropriate entities at UTSA are included in the approval process. These entities vary based on the type of agreement.

  • The Office of Legal Affairs reviews and approves all agreements in order to ensure that UTSA templates are used and that substantive changes made to the templates conform with UTSA policies and practices.
  • Some academic agreements, such as dual degree program agreements, joint degree program agreements, and off-campus instructional site agreements, require SACSCOC notification and/or approval before becoming effective. For this reason, all academic agreements are reviewed and approved by the SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison.
  • The Senior Vice Provost for Graduate Studies reviews and approves all agreements related to graduate programs.
  • The Vice Provost for Global Initiatives reviews and approves all international agreements.
  • The Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs is the final reviewer and approver for all agreements.