Changes to Existing Academic Programs

Prior to making a submission, it is important that the appropriate entities at UTSA are included in the process of proposing changes. From a faculty governance perspective, the respective:

  • Department Curriculum Committee
  • Department Chair
  • College Curriculum Committee, and
  • Dean

should be involved prior to seeking approval for the change.

For information regarding the overall approval process, see Academic Programs and Agreements.

CourseLeaf Instructions

To make changes to existing academic programs:

  1. Click on the appropriately named link below
  2. Log into the CourseLeaf system using your abc123 user name and password
  3. Search for the program to be edited
  4. Select the program
  5. Click the green “Edit Program” button
  6. Select the appropriate change type from the dropdown at the top of the form
  7. Make edits
  8. Save Changes or Start Workflow

Academic Program Closure

Request the closure using the link above. Once approval from the THECB has been received, also:

  • Notify Admissions and give them the date that students should no longer be admitted to the program, and
  • Notify the Office of the Registrar and provide the date the program should be removed from the catalog.
    Email the Office of the Registrar    

Adding a Concentration (track, specialization, emphasis, etc.)

Use the link below to add a concentration to an existing degree program. Concentrations should be closely connected to the degree program. If the following occur, you may need to submit as a new degree program:

  • More than three new courses would be needed
  • The number of semester credit hours to complete the specific degree increases (exclusive of undergraduate core curriculum)
  • More than three new courses would be added to an existing concentration
  • A new or additional professional licensure or certification would become available to program graduates

Catalog Updates

Select the applicable Change Type. Choose the Catalog Update option for normal catalog revisions. Because proposals for degree program changes have to route through to final approval before another change can be submitted, catalog revisions may also be included when submitting these degree program change types: add/modify a concentration, credit hour/CIP code change, degree program name change, and method of delivery change.

Change in Method of Delivery for an Academic Program

Indicate changes within these categories: face-to-face (51-100% in person), hybrid/blended (51-85% online), fully online (86-99% online), 100% online (no face-to-face instruction). Include changes, as well as delivery methods that are added or ended.

For additional information, see the THECB Distance Education Resource.

Semester Credit Hour/CIP Code Changes

Changes in semester credit hours include both increases and decreases in requirements.

Degree Program Name Change

Off-Campus Instructional Site (OCIS)

Use the link below to indicate new locations or changes to locations where students may earn 25% or more of their degree program.