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Proposals for Academic Program Changes

Changes regarding academic programs may require UT System, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), and/or Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) approval before becoming effective. The purpose of this webpage is to help those proposing changes navigate the applicable processes and to ensure that approved changes are moved forward in an appropriate and timely way.

THECB Academic Program Development and Modifications

THECB Guidelines Related to Degree Program Changes

Prior to any external approvals, it is important that the appropriate entities at UTSA are included in the process of proposing changes. From a faculty governance perspective, the respective Department Curriculum Committee, Department Chair, College Curriculum Committee, and Dean should be involved prior to seeking approval for the change. In addition, the Faculty Senate and other entities are included in the approval process as noted on the Approval Flowchart below.

New academic degree program, certificate, minor, concentration, or track

There are two stages to new degree program, certificate, minor, concentration, or track formation: the development stage and the approval stage. These stages also apply to proposed joint or dual degree programs.

Step 1: Development Stage

Use the following template for the development stage and go through the following process before moving to the approval stage. Once the template has been completed, it should be discussed by the academic Dean with the Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs (Undergraduate Studies) or Dean/Vice Provost of Graduate School (Graduate Studies) and subsequently the Academic Council. Prior to being presented to the Academic Council, the proposal should be approved by both the department and college curriculum committees. Requests for academic program name changes or department name changes follow the same steps using the name change template.

Step 2: Approval Stage

If the proposed change is supported through the development stage, the department/college will be notified and the full proposal development will begin in the approval stage. Please refer to the approval flowchart for more information.

Off Catalog Cycle New Undergraduate Certificate Proposal Timeline

  • Oct. 15th - Proposals are due to Academic Council for consideration to be implemented the next academic year. The proposal should be approved by both the department and college curriculum committees.
  • Dec. 1st – March 1st - All proposals supported at Academic Council go to Senate for review.
  • April 30th - Approval through Senate complete.
  • Aug. 15th - New Certificate implemented.

All other changes

For all other proposed changes, including but not limited to:

  • Degree program closure
  • Change in the number of credit hours required for a degree or certificate
  • New off-site location to offer 25% or more of a degree program
  • New collaborative academic agreement

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