Administrative Programs Assessment

Administrative units (i.e., all areas ‘outside of the classroom’) at UTSA provide integral administrative and student support services that enable the university to carry out its mission. All administrative units participate in assessment activities designed to drive continuous improvement of university functions and services and to further student success in accordance with the university’s mission and strategic initiatives.


Steps of Administrative Program Assessment

  1. Specify Unit Mission and Goals – Describe the purpose of your unit and what it hopes to achieve long-term.
  2. Define Outcomes – Describe the desired end-results and quality of your unit’s primary services and functions.
  3. Determine Methods – What methods will be used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the unit and determine whether the unit is making progress towards its goals?
  4. Set Criteria for Success – Establish the level of expected unit performance.
  5. Collect Data and Report on the Results – Examine the information collected and evaluate results against unit expectations.
  6. Use the Results – How is the information going to be used to make improvements to the unit?

Questions to Ask During the Assessment Cycle

  • Do current assessment efforts measure what is intended?
  • Are results being used effectively? If not, maybe it is time to retire some of the assessment tools.
  • Are there better ways to collect useful, needed data?
  • What options are available to assess things differently?