Academic Affairs

Faculty Message Library

The following list is an inventory of messages sent from Academic Affairs to UTSA faculty members. We are making this information available so that staff and administrators without faculty appointments may see what is shared with our faculty.
Date Subject Audience
8/24/2021 Welcome Back - Fall 2021 All faculty
8/13/2021 Changes in Graduate Admissions Processing effective Sept. 1, 2021 All faculty
7/22/2021 Annual Review and 2022-23 Workload Agreements All faculty
6/14/2021 Announcement of faculty support initiatives All faculty
5/20/2021 Highlights of the past year, new supports in place All faculty
3/25/2021 Update on Tenure and Promotion Clock Tenure-track & tenured faculty
3/24/2021 Update on Changes to Faculty Evaluation Timeline All faculty
3/22/2021 Fall 2021 Class Schedule All faculty
1/19/2021 A new semester begins All faculty
11/19/2020 Changes to Faculty Annual Evaluation Timeline All faculty
11/16/2020 FTT Transition Form Fixed-term-track faculty
11/9/2020 Changes to NTT Titles and Recruitment, Evaluation and Promotion All faculty
9/30/2020 Integrated Design Initiative Update and Forum All faculty
9/9/2020 Career Development Plans for All Early Career Faculty Tenure-track faculty
9/3/2020 Update on Graduate Student Success Initiative All faculty
8/24/2020 Welcome Back! All faculty
8/13/2020 Early Blackboard Access to Students All faculty
5/18/2020 Looking back and "pressing on" All faculty
4/2/2020 Faculty Evaluations All faculty