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Academic Affairs

Digital Signage

What is digital signage? 

Digital signage is a tool used to visually showcase events, announcements, deadlines and information throughout approximately two dozen flat panel screens located across UTSA's campuses. 

How is it useful?

Digital signage is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and efficient way to widely distribute your information and strategic messaging to the university community, namely students.

Who is responsible?

The Academic Strategic Communications team oversees and manages the content shared on the screens.

Learning Technologies oversees the installation, upkeep and maintenance of existingscreens and associated equipment and provides consultation if your area is interested in purchasing your own monitors and Screenly license(s).

We will accept and review digital signage submissions from content creators across the university for inclusion in the campus-wide playlist rotation.

Locations of ASC managed campus-wide monitors:

  • ARTS Building 2.03.00
  • BOS 1st fl Lobby
  • Main Building 0.100
  • Main Building 1.100
  • MH Building 
  • AET Commons 1st floor
  • MS RDC
  • MS Fit Lab 
  • RRC 1.202
  • RRC 1.304
  • RWC 1.100 N Commons Entrance
  • MS Registrar office
  • MS 2nd floor hallway
  • DB 1.100A
  • FS 1.400 (food court)
  • BB Advising
  • BB CSPD  
  • FS 1.400 (food court2)

Before you submit, please ensure your content meets the following requirements:


  • Timely
  • Geared toward all students primarily, faculty and staff secondarily
  • Supports students’ personal/professional growth and academic success
  • Includes your UTSA sub-branded logo



  • High-definition
  • MP4, MOV or another standard video file format
  • Kinetic typography is preferred over regular video
  • No longer than 30 seconds (most effective: 15 seconds)
  • Sound should not be a necessary component. If video includes speaking, closed captioning must be included. 


The campus-wide playlist is updated on Monday mornings. Please submit your image/video assets the Friday before the week you want it to appear in rotation on the screens.

Digital Signage Best Practices

  • Your goal is to be able to capture the attention of a person walking past a screen in 10 seconds.
  • To be most effective, your image/video should run for at least two (2) weeks.
  • Use UTSA Orange (PMS 1665; HEX #f15a22) and UTSA Blue (PMS 289; HEX #0c2340) as your primary colors.
  • For legibility, please use 24 pt. or larger font size. Keep text copy to a minimum!


  • Also, consider using free online design platforms like to create your own graphics and then add your text and sub-branded UTSA wordmark.
  • Some fonts work well digitally or paired with others, and some don’t! View our font pairing quick reference guide.