Assessment Overview

Each year we engage in assessments designed in cooperation with the Core Curriculum Committee and the Core Curriculum Assessment Team to help determine how well UTSA students perform on the six state-mandated Core Curriculum objectives. These objectives include:
The Core Curriculum Assessment Team designed an ongoing three-year assessment cycle whereby two of the six state-mandated objectives are assessed each year.

State-Required Objective 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
Critical Thinking X
Communication Skills X
Empirical & Quantitative Skills X
Teamwork X
Social Responsibility X
Personal Responsibility X

Other Data Sources

In addition to our annual assessment of samples of student work, we rely on other methods to give us more information about how our students are performing on the required Core Objectives. Some of these data sources include:

Core Curriculum Assessment Team

  • Saadet Beeson, College of Architecture, Construction and Planning
  • Vic Heller, College of Business
  • Mark Leung, College of Business
  • Manuel Diaz, College of Engineering
  • Marco Cervantes, College of Education and Human Development
  • Andrea Aleman, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Marita Nummikoski, College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Marie Tillyer, College of Public Policy
  • Terri Matiella, College of Sciences
  • David Senseman, College of Sciences
  • Tara Schmidt, Libraries
  • Elizabeth Hoff, Institutional Research (ex-officio)
  • Gail Pizzola, University College
  • Si Millican, University College (ex-officio)

Working Groups

Critical Thinking Terri Matiella
David Senseman
Tara Schmidt
Communication Marco Cervantes
Marita Nummikoski
Gail Pizzola
Empirical & Quantitative Skills Mark Leung
Manuel Diaz
Marie Tillyer
Teamwork Saadet Beeson
Manuel Diaz
Terri Matiella
Social Responsibility Marco Cervantes
Andrea Aleman
Personal Responsibility Vic Heller
Saadet Beeson