Timeline for Core Course Proposal Approval Process

NOTE: The proposal portal for the 2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog opens for submissions February 1, 2021. Users may log in to review past proposals at any time.

Steps in Process


Proposal Portal Opens *

Feb. 1

Proposal Portal Closes *

April 1 midnight

Core Curriculum Committee reviews proposals. Forwards recommendations to University Curriculum Committee


University Curriculum Committee reviews proposals.


University Curriculum Committee makes recommendations to Faculty Senate.

No later than September 1

Faculty Senate makes recommendations to Provost and President.

Before Oct. 15

Approved courses submitted to the THECB for final approval.


Final Approval


Approval Routing Process

* Proposal will be routed for approval as follows:

  1. Proposal creator submits proposal.
  2. Department Chair reviews and approves proposal or returns for revision.
  3. Associate Dean reviews and approves proposal or returns for revision.

Note: All internal college approvals must be completed prior to 11:59PM on April 1.
Late submissions will not be reviewed.