THECB Requirements for the Core Curriculum

THECB Requirements for the Core Curriculum table

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Summary of Guidelines for Texas Core Curriculum Requirements

Core Objectives. Through the Texas Core Curriculum, students will prepare for contemporary challenges by developing and demonstrating the following core objectives:

  • (A) Critical Thinking Skills: to include creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information;
  • (B) Communication Skills: to include effective development, interpretation and expression of ideas through written, oral and visual communication;
  • (C) Empirical and Quantitative Skills: to include the manipulation and analysis of numerical data or observable facts resulting in informed conclusions;
  • (D) Teamwork: to include the ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal;
  • (E) Social Responsibility: to include intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities;
  • (F) Personal Responsibility: to include the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making.