Developing New Online Programs

Ready to reach a new audience of learners with your academic programs?

Academic Innovation is the principal partner for UTSA academic colleges that wish to offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and certificates through the online modality.

Academic Innovation provides assistance to colleges and departments throughout the process of developing and launching a new fully online degree program:

  • Market analysis
  • Program proposal
  • Coordination with Undergraduate Studies and Graduate School
  • Approval process
  • Course development
  • Faculty professional development
  • Instructional design and technology support
  • Marketing to prospective students

Additionally, Academic Innovation offers comprehensive, high-quality support services to prospective and current online students throughout their time at UTSA: admissions, advising, tutoring, etc.

To help new programs get started, Academic Innovation will cover key expenses during the program’s start-up phase (up to 3 years). In addition to the usual expenses (enrollment, marketing, retention and advising, reporting, etc.), the following costs are covered:

  • Instruction
  • Course Development
  • Course Refresh
  • Grading, Facilitation, Programming, etc.

For more information on revenue sharing, see the flowchart on our SharePoint site; the funding model for online programs follows the Incentivized Resource Management budget model, but uses a different financial formula.

UTSA faculty and staff also can download the MOU template for Financial Terms and Agreement for Fully Online Degree Programs for the College of Record, which includes responsibilities of College and UTSA Online, as well as full information on financial terms and revenue distribution.

Offering Co-Convened Online Courses

As UTSA continues to develop degree programs through the online modality, the university must also enable online-only students to complete courses that result in degree attainment and successful employment but that may not be offered solely through UTSA Online.

Accordingly, Academic Affairs and Academic Innovation have developed a process that enables UTSA Online students to take courses that are co-convened with residential students taking online courses within a specified department/college.

UTSA faculty and staff can download the MOU template for Offering a Co-Convened Online Course, which includes responsibilities of the instructor, department and UTSA Online, as well as faculty stipend information.


Contact for more information, to get your questions answered, and to begin the next steps toward developing an online degree program.