Course evaluations for Summer 2020

Course Evaluations FAQs

1. Schedule of Upcoming Evaluations

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2. FAQs for Students

How do I access my course evaluations from Canvas?

As of Fall 2023, you have multiple ways to access your course evaluations in Canvas.

1. In Canvas, navigate to your course. In the left-hand navigation menu, select “ Course Evaluations.”

2. Alternatively, you can find a link to your evaluations in your Canvas calendar.

You will also receive a direct email from Watermark, UTSA's course evaluation platform.

Are the evaluations anonymous?

Your comments and ratings will remain anonymous as long as you do not provide any personal information in the comments.

We can confirm if you have completed the survey, but we will not be able to see your responses.

Can I redo my evaluation?

Once you submit your ratings, it is not possible to reverse, delete, or reset your evaluation. Therefore, we highly recommend that you double-check and ensure that you are evaluating the correct class and instructor before submitting.

I evaluated the wrong instructor/class. What can I do?

See above. Before submitting your evaluation, please double-check that you have selected the correct class and instructor. Once you have submitted your ratings, they cannot be changed, deleted, or reset.

I missed the deadline – what can I do?

Once the evaluation period comes to an end, no further submissions will be allowed. We lock evaluations promptly due to the large number of reports needing to be created and distributed.

We send reminder emails to students who haven't completed all of their evaluations. If you receive a reminder email and have already submitted all of your evaluations, please get in touch with us immediately (and before the deadline). This will help us determine which of your evaluations is missing.

Why do you have us evaluate the class before it is finished?

Finding the perfect time to evaluate classes is a balancing act. On one hand, we need to give students enough time in class to provide valuable feedback. On the other hand, we don't want the evaluations to conflict with your academic studies at the end of the course. To strike a balance, we typically schedule evaluations to occur between 75-80% through the course, ensuring that they wrap up before finals. This timeline also allows us to process the data and deliver the results to your instructors before the next semester begins.

I cannot find my course evaluation links. Can someone help me?

Your links are sent by email on the first day of the evaluation and are included in the reminder emails sent on the following days. As mentioned above, you can also find your evaluations in Canvas. However, if you are still unable to locate them, please email so that we can verify your information and directly send you your course evaluation links.

3. FAQs for Faculty and Staff

How can I make course evaluations accessible through Canvas?

Students will have two options to access their course evaluations. First, the Course Evaluations link will be visible to them in Canvas. Second, they can access the evaluations through a direct email from Watermark, UTSA's course evaluation platform. The integration of Canvas with Watermark is aimed at providing students with an easy and convenient way to access their course evaluations.

How do I access my course evaluation dashboard?

Your course evaluation dashboard shows all of your evaluation reports, as well as your response rates. There are several ways to access your Watermark course evaluation dashboard:

1. In Canvas, select “Account” on the left-hand side and select “Profile.” From there, you will be able to see a tab to your course evaluation dashboard. Once you click on that tab, you will be taken directly to your account. No username/password is required.

2. In Canvas, select “Courses” and select the desired course. Scroll down in the navigation menu and click on “Course Evaluations.” Once you click on that tab, you will be taken directly to your account. No username/password is required. Note: This step is only active during the evaluation period.

3. Email and ask for your login link. Clicking on this link will take you directly to your account. No username/password is required. Be sure to save this link. Note: this link should not be shared with others; it is unique to you.

How do I find a list of my students who participated?

The Response Rate Tracker feature lets you monitor response rates in real time and view previous response rates for the terms and courses where you were the instructor. You can also download files for respondents and non-respondents that show which students have and haven't completed the surveys for the courses in the term (also referred to as “project” in Watermark).
There are a few ways to navigate to the Response Rate Tracker. After logging into your Watermark course evaluations dashboard (see above), go to the “Results” tab and select “Response Rate Tracker” to view project response rates. Alternatively, for quick access to response rates during the evaluation period, the Response Rate Tracker Widget appears on your dashboard main page.

How do I get my evaluation reports with ratings and comments?

After the 2:00 pm deadline for submitting grades, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your evaluation reports. Instead of individual emails, the reports will be accessible through your Watermark course evaluation dashboard, under the "Project Results" section. This feature allows instructors to generate reports for specific projects and terms. To access your project results, select “Project Results” under the “Results” tab. Please note that each term will have its own "project" in Watermark.

When will I be able to see my ratings/comments?

Your ratings and comments will be available in your Watermark course evaluation dashboard on the day following the grade submission deadline.

I am coming up for review and need information from my classes from the past several years. How can I get those?

You can easily access your course evaluation results from your Watermark course evaluation dashboard. Simply navigate to the "Results" tab, and you'll find all your reports in the "Project Results" section. Keep in mind that there might be several report formats for each of your evaluations. If you require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at

4. FAQs for Chairs/Deans

How do I access my department reports?

Please note that the SharePoint site will no longer be used to provide reports and summaries. Instead, department chairs and deans can now access reports through their course evaluation dashboard in Watermark. To access your Watermark course evaluation dashboard, please follow one of the steps below:
1. Sign in to with your UTSA email as your username. If you haven't set a password, click "Forgot your Password?" to reset it.
2. Send an email to requesting the login link to access your course evaluation dashboard. The link you will receive is unique to you and does not require a username or password for access. Please save the link and ensure that you do not share it with anyone else.

When will the evaluation reports become available?

The departmental reports and summaries will be available in the days following the grade posting deadline.

I am new to the department. How do I get access to my department reports?

Authorized users in the Dean’s office can view evaluation reports for all departments. Chairs can request changes to the access list by emailing

5. Contact Info


The best and quickest way to receive assistance from us is by sending an email to
For faculty, staff, department chairs, and deans, we have prepared a set of instructions that explain how to access and navigate the Watermark course evaluation dashboard. If you haven’t received these instructions yet, please send an email to to request them.