Course evaluations for Summer 2020

Course Evaluations FAQs

1. Schedule of Upcoming Evaluations

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2. FAQs for Students

How do I access my course evaluations from Blackboard?

As of Fall 2021, you can access your course evaluations via Blackboard (in addition to ASAP and via direct email from UTSA's course evaluation platform Class Climate). Take the following steps to find and access course evaluations from Blackboard:
1) Navigate to your Blackboard course
2) In the left-hand navigation menu, select Tools
3) From the list, select UTSA Course Evaluations

Are the evaluations anonymous?

Your comments and ratings cannot be linked directly to you (as long as you do not self-identify in the comments)
We can tell whether you have completed the survey.
We cannot tell how you responded.

Can I redo my evaluation?

Once you submit your ratings, we are totally unable to reverse, delete, or reset your evaluation. For this reason, we ask that you MAKE SURE you are evaluating the correct class and instructor, before you submit your ratings.

I evaluated the wrong instructor/class. What can I do?

See above. Once you submit your ratings, we are totally unable to reverse, delete, or reset your evaluation. For this reason, we ask that you MAKE SURE you are evaluating the correct class and instructor, before you submit your ratings.

I missed the deadline – what can I do?

Due to the large number of reports that need to be created and distributed after the evaluation has closed, we lock the evaluations promptly at 8:00 AM following the last day of the evaluation. This means that once they are locked, no further submissions are accepted.

We provide a regular reminder (by email) to students who have yet to complete all of their evaluations. If you receive a reminder email, and you think you have submitted everything, contact us immediately (before the closing date) so we can identify which evaluation is still missing.

Why do you have us evaluate the class before it is finished?

As you might imagine, finding the ideal time to evaluate the classes is a bit of a balancing act. On the one hand, we want to give students sufficient time in class on which they can base their evaluation. At the same time, we want to make sure that the evaluations do not interfere with your academic studies at the end of the course. Given the various considerations, we aim for a span of days that begins approximately 75-80% through the class and is completed before finals are given. This allows us the time necessary to process the data and get the results to your instructor in time for their class the following semester.

I cannot find my links. Can someone help me?

Currently, your links are emailed on the first day of the evaluation, and are contained in the reminder emails that go out in the days that follow. *As mentioned above, you may also access your evaluations through Blackboard.* If you still cannot locate them, please send an email to and we can verify your information and send you the links directly.

3. FAQs for Faculty and Staff

How do I enable course evaluations to be accessible via Blackboard?

The "UTSA Course Evaluations" link must be visible to students from the Tools section in Blackboard. Students will still be able to access course evaluations via ASAP and through direct email. The integration of Blackboard with Class Climate is simply another way for students to easily access their course evaluations. 

View the instructions on how to enable the link so that students have another easy way to access and take their course evaluations.

How do I get a list of my students who participated?

The day after the evaluations close, we run a program that provides a list to your ASAP accounts for the courses you taught which were evaluated. When the listing is ready, you’ll receive an email from with specific instructions on how to obtain your listing.

How do I get my evaluation reports with ratings and comments?

On the day following the 2:00 pm deadline for submitting grades, we will begin sending out the emails which contain your class reports. This process can take awhile but typically you should receive the first of your reports on the day following that deadline. Once the initial reports are sent, we will follow up with your profile line reports which compare your ratings with the average ratings of your department and college.

When will I be able to see my ratings/comments?

Your ratings and comments will be sent via email on the day following the grade-submission deadline.

I am coming up for review and need information from my classes from the past several years. How can I get those?

For faculty reviews, if you send an email to and let us know the semester(s) in which you’re interested, the reports can be sent directly to you (as the instructor). Keep in mind, that if you need the student comments, the only place those are available will be in the original email that was sent to you from at the end of the specified term.

Why do I not have any reports from Spring 2020?

Spring 2020 was the beginning of the pandemic when classes were being reorganized to support online teaching. Due to the disruption of instruction, all course evaluations were cancelled for the Spring 2020 semester. The evaluations were continued in the Summer 2020 semester as normal.

4. Description Faculty Reports and Listings

a. Listing of Students who Participated (Currently on ASAP)

On the day following the course evaluation, faculty will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to locate the list of their students who participated in the course evaluations. The listing will be available to you on ASAP, under the Faculty Services tab. Scroll Down to the Course Evaluation Listing link. When you designate the current term, you should see a listing of the students’ names that participated.

b. Class Report with Comments (Emailed after grade submission deadline)

The Class Reports are emailed to you through the Class Climate program. Each of the seven questions will be shown, along with the average rating, the number responding, and the standard deviation. The ratings that will be reflected in Bluebook are the average rating of Question 6 (Overall rating of the course) and average rating of Question 7 (Overall rating of the Teaching of the course)

c. Profile Line Report (Emailed after grade submission deadline)

The Profile Line report will be emailed to you in the week following the grade submission deadline. This report will compare – in a line graph – your ratings of the 7 questions compared with the average ratings across the department, and the average ratings across the college of those same items.

5. Chair/Dean Reports

a. Share Point

The departmental reports and summaries will be posted on Share Point in the days following the grade posting deadline.

    1. Access to reports - For those who are authorized, the reports are viewable for your department only. Those authorized in the Dean’s office can view the reports for all departments.
    2. Adding names to access list - Chairs can request changes to their authorized users by emailing

b. College Summary

This report produces the means, number, and standard deviation of the ratings from the entire college. It serves as the source of one of the comparison lines for the Profile Line report.

c. Department Summary

This report produces the means, number, and standard deviation of the ratings from each department. It serve as the source of the second comparison line for the Profile Line report.

d. Profile Line Reports (For all faculty within the department)

The report produces a separate page report for each instructor/class that was evaluated during the term. Each page will provide a comparison of the seven evaluation items between the course, department, and college ratings.

e. Batch Export Summary Reports (Averages by Class, Distribution of Ratings) Excel Spreadsheet.

This report summarizes for each class in the department, the average ratings, the response rate, and the distribution of ratings (how many 5’s, 4’s, etc.) in an Excel Spreadsheet.

6. Contact Info

Email – This is the best and quickest way to allow us to help you. With the information we have based on your email, we can verify which classes you should be evaluating and explain any classes that do not get evaluated.