CPE Timeline

The CPE review process is summarized in the table below:




February - March

Academic Affairs

  • Notify deans which tenured faculty members are due to undergo a CPE review in the next spring semester.



Academic Affairs

  • Notify tenured faculty that a CPE review will take place in the next spring semester.

Summer - Fall

Tenured Faculty under review

  • Assemble review packet and upload documents to the official Faculty Review folder no later than December 1st or the first workday thereafter.

August - September


  • Elects the D-CPER committee.


Department Chair/School Director

  • Report membership of the D-CPER committee to dean no later than Sept 1st
    The Dean’s office will provide the committee membership to Academic Affairs.


Tenured Faculty under review

  • Optional: candidate may request to meet with the D-CPER committee request should be made no later than September 25 th.

January - February

D-CPER committee

  • Evaluate the review packet and provide evaluation recommendations for each individual category, as well as the overall rating.
  • Submit report to Department Chair/School Director/official Faculty Review folder (deadline set by each college).

February -

Department Chair/School Director

  • Review all documentary materials and the report from the D-CPER committee.

  • Compose Chair’s CPE evaluation report.

  • Upload D-CPER memo and Department Chair/School Director memo to the official Faculty Review folder;

  • Share copies of D-CPER memo and Department Chair/School Director memo with the faculty member by March 15th.

January - March

D-CPER committee, Chair, Dean

  • May request additional documentation from faculty member, if needed.

March - April


  • Review all documentary materials and reports from D-CPER committee and from the Department Chair/School Director;

  • Determine final evaluation of faculty performance;

  • If performance evaluation is “unsatisfactory” in any area of evaluation, may appoint a C-CPER committee review committee.*

  • Upload dean’s memo to the official Faculty Review folder;

  • Forward files to Academic Affairs by April 5th.

May 1st

Academic Affairs

  • Prepare final notification letter regarding outcome of CPE to faculty with a copy to the dean and Department Chair/School Director.


Faculty member

  • Provides additional information to college level C-CPER committee.*


C-CPER committee

  • Evaluate review materials and provide a written report of analysis to dean by May 31st .*



  • Submit all evaluation reports to provost with recommendations for follow-up actions by June 15th.*



  • Review and approve any faculty development plans recommended by dean as the result of an unsatisfactory CPE review.*



  • Communicate faculty development plans to faculty member.*

*These steps are necessary only in the event of an unsatisfactory evaluation. The process for satisfactory evaluations ends in April with notification sent to the Academic Affairs.

The deadlines indicated in this chart are intended to be general guidelines. Any significant deviation from these deadlines (for example, by two weeks or more) must be approved by the dean upon the written request of the Department Chair/School Director, with notification to Academic Affairs.