Emeritus Timeline

The purpose of the emeritus review process is to perform an objective evaluation of each case at several levels of review. Each application goes through at least five levels of independent review before a final recommendation is achieved: DFRAC, chair, dean, provost, and president. The president’s recommendation in all cases is final.

The emeritus review process is summarized in the table below which outlines the rough timeline and actions of the procedure.






  • Indicate the date, or anticipated date, of retirement from university in writing to chair and dean. Complete Request for Review for Emeritus form and return to chair;
  • Begin assembling materials for application packet


Dean’s Office

  • Notify Academic Affairs of faculty who wish to be considered for emeritus (send completed form “Request for Review for Emeritus” to Academic Affairs)

January 24


  • Provide DFRAC member names to the college and Academic Affairs

February 3


  • Deadline to submit evaluation statement and vita to DFRAC via department chair requesting to be reviewed for emeritus status.

February 10


  • Deadline to upload applicant’s documents to SharePoint


DFRAC (full professors only)

  • Review application packet;
  • Deliberate in closed meeting and vote on case;
  • Prepare a written summary of evaluation analysis


Department Chair

  • Review all application materials, including DFRAC recommendation;
  • Prepare a written recommendation for forwarding to college;
  • Upload DFRAC memo and Dept. Chair memo to the official Faculty Review folder in SharePoint.


College Dean

  • Review application packet and department recommendations;
  • Prepare a written recommendation for forwarding to Provost;
  • Upload DFRAC, Dept. Chair and Dean’s memos to the official Faculty Review folder in SharePoint.
  • Application materials due to Academic Affairs by
    April 1st, or the first work day thereafter



  • Review all application materials, including recommendations;
  • Consult with Chairs and Deans, as needed, for clarification of application materials;
  • Prepare recommendations for the president



  • Review all application materials, including recommendations at each level;
  • Render final decisions concerning emeritus recommendations


Academic Affairs

  • Prepare written notification to all applicants concerning outcome of emeritus review



  • Create a zero percent Emeritus faculty contract and forward through normal approval process

* Any tenured faculty member, or group in the department or college, may nominate a qualified tenured UTSA faculty who is retired or anticipates retiring by the end of the academic year. In this case the nominator is responsible for writing the evaluation statement to the Department Chair/School Director.